How to upload with Pixelpipe, best fitness apps, Diablo 3 release date and online trends

Skateboarding professor

Totally trending: It’s our Internet and technology roundup

Only have a minute to break away from the books and find out what’s happening online? From the best fitness apps to news on the Diablo 3 release date, and how to upload your media using Pixelpipe, check out these topics your friends are talking about.

Pixelpipe frees your photos

San Francisco start-up Pixelpipe thinks people spend too much time transferring their media — text, photos, video, and audio — to their various social media accounts. To make it easier, they’ve created a way to syndicate your content so it hits all your sites at once. Their service, which launched on April 20th, makes it easy to share your Facebook photos with your Flickr friends, or your Dropbox content on Picasa. At launch, users could syndicate twelve services:

  • 500 px
  • Facebook
  • Facebook pages
  • Flickr
  • Instagram
  • Kodak gallery
  • Myspace
  • Photobucket
  • Picasa
  • Shutterfly
  • SkyDrive
  • Smug Mug

Not worried about keeping your accounts current? You can still use Pixelpipe’s original service to move your media from your phone to your desktop. “The startup has made it fairly simple to copy one to thousands of items in just a few clicks between services,” Leena Rao reported in “Pixelpipe Spawns To Help You Move Photos Across Your Favorite Social Sites” in an April 20, 2012 Techcrunch post.

Out for a run? There’s an app for that

With the weather warming up and runners hitting the road—and swimsuit season just around the corner—mobile apps for tracking your fitness progress are a vital asset. Several of the best fitness apps are free, so there’s nothing to keep you from tracking your progress toward a healthier you. John Andrews, in “Top Mobile Fitness Apps” a April 14, 2012 post to Resurrecting the Champ, offered a rundown of some of his recommendations:

  • Endmodo is available on several smart phone platforms and offers everything from movement tracking to GPS
  • Fitness buddy offers a full suite of exercises to help you hit your weight and strength goals
  • JEFIT Free offers exercise beginners a workout planner
  • MapMyFITNESS has a whole app series to better meet your particular exercise needs

So whatever your fitness or weight goals are for the summer, there’s no excuse not to get moving — and take your smart phone with you!

Get ready to fight some demons

The Diablo 3 release date is officially May 15, but the public beta that ran from April 20 – 23 has everyone talking about the game. After waiting for three years for this installment, fans are eagerly discussing whether they love this new incarnation or whether it leaves them wanting more. Early reviews have fans on both sides of the equation: on IGN‘s website, fans offered their thoughts in “The Diablo III Beta: IGN’s Readers Have Their Say,” with comments ranging from P16060’s “I find myself disappointed with Diablo 3” to Jason Flaska’s “Does Diablo 3 live up to my inflated sense of nostalgia? Simply put… Yes. Yes it does.”

A birdie told me, and viral videos

Twitter’s all atweet with the Hunger Games, a ballpark’s 100th anniversary, and the price of George Zimmerman’s bail bond on these hashtags:

YouTube also shows some Hunger Games love, game launch excitement, and teasing trailers:

  • The official Bethesda trailer for supernatural assassin game Dishonored
  • A Minecraft version of the Hunger Games
  • A new clip from Marvel’s Avengers

And, the meme featuring a 68 year-old professor skateboarding between campus buildings may leave your profs feeling jealous – or start a new trend on campus.

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