Honor your dad with these Father’s Day gift ideas he’s sure to love!

Tandem skydiving

Tandem skydiving

Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift year after year for your dad can be stressful, but don’t worry; your #1 fan will love anything you’ve put thought into. Try any of these great Father’s Day gift ideas to show your dad how much you care.

For the dad who loves adventure

If you have a dad who is always looking for a thrill, why not send him off a plane — with a parachute and a guide, of course? Skydiving.com is a nationwide company that offers several options for the thrill seeker:

  • Tandem skydiving: Two people jump with a trained certified professional. Includes video instruction and training before you jump. This is the cheapest skydiving option.
  • Accelerated freefall: A seven-level step program where the jumper is trained to go on his/her own.
  • Video or photos of the event: These make great souvenirs if they’re in your price range, but you can also save money by skipping those this time. The memories you’ll make will still be worth it.

Packages and availability in your area vary. You’ll want to contact Skydiving.com for more information.

For the history buff

If your dad is like mine, he can generally be found with a nonfiction history book in his hands. Because my pop’s bookshelves are full, I wouldn’t dare get him another to add to the collection, but I would like to take him on an adventure to explore some of the things he’s read about. Even on a budget, you can take your dad on a hometown history exploration that is sure to please any history buff. Why not check into your city or state’s welcome centers for a self-guided tour of historical landmarks, or send him on an organized day trip with a friend? The possibilities are endless, especially if you live near one of these cities:

For family members who are more like dads

If you have another family member or even a family friend who is like a father to you, don’t forget to honor him with a gift, too! Depending on the age of your protector, there are several ways you can let him know how much he means to you.

  • Treat him to a ballgame in your area. Most, if not all, major league teams have cheap bleacher seats that include a hotdog and a soda for under $20 for each ticket.
  • Let him know you appreciate him by cooking him a good meal — include his beverage of choice and favorite dessert, too! Maybe he’ll return the favor next time he’s cooking.
  • For the family member who’s also a dad himself: Send him out for a night on the town with his friends. Let’s face it, we’re all busy these days and sometimes it’s hard to spend time with our friends as much as we’d like. If he leads a busy life but still makes time to look after you on top of that, I’m sure he’d enjoy tickets to an upcoming concert or a gift card to a restaurant to stop in before the show.

Whatever it is you choose to do for your special father or father figure in your life, they’ll appreciate the thought as much as the gift itself. You may even get a tear or two from that big tough guy. And, remember he’ll always enjoy spending his Father’s Day with you there to celebrate.

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