Back to school in style: Top ten college student apps to get your year started right!

Back to school appsGetting back into the swing of the school year is always tough after you’ve had months off for summer break. College life is about balancing classes, studying, working and having a social life, which can be stressful even for the most seasoned students! This time of year, we’ll take all the help we can get. So, here are our top ten student apps to help keep you organized and ready to rock your classes so you can go back to school in style!

For organization

iStudiez Pro is for students who just can’t get into the swing of carrying paper planners with them everywhere they go. This student app can keep you on schedule all semester! Available on the iPhone and iPad, this app features:

  •  A daily planner
  • A calendar for future appointments and assignments
  • An assignment keeper for tracking grades and GPA
  • Push notifications for classes and assignment deadlines

Voted one of Time Magazine’s must have apps, Evernote syncs your data and saves it on all of your devices. Evernote makes your life easier by organizing ideas, designing and managing projects, saving pictures and creating notes for upcoming appointments. The program is available on several smartphone and tablet devices and syncs up with most products. Evernote is free to use but can be upgraded.

For homework help

Download the app to help you when writing or reading in class without access to the Internet. You’ll find all the trusted content you’ve come to expect from

The Questia Library app makes mobile research easy! For subscribers, the free download of this application will give you full mobile access to a constantly growing collection of over 77,000 books and 4 million articles. And, for non-subscribers, you’ll still gain access to 5,000 free public domain books plus one day of access to the entire Questia Library.

The Free Spanish Tutor app is for those of you taking a Spanish class. It can help your grades with vocab, quizzes, and reviews. This is a great way to prep during your down-time between classes.

The Wi-Fi Finder app is just as spectacular as it sounds! This is perfect for on-the-go students who might need Internet access for research or homework. Use it to track down hot spots in your area and even detect where to find free wi-fi.

For the student on a budget

The Expenditure app allows you to plug in all of your expenses to help you calculate your budget. Plug in all your necessities like rent, books, gas and groceries. Then, you’ll be able to tell just how much money you have left over for the fun things!

Gas Guru lets you search for the best gas prices in the immediate area and lists nearby restaurants, coffee shops, auto repair shops, ATMs and even roadside assistance information. This app can be extremely helpful for all you commuter students but also would come in handy when on a road trip.

Just for pure entertainment

Because your years spent in school don’t have to be all about what goes on in the classroom, you’ll want to save room for these sites if for nothing else but pure entertainment:

  • Someecards: If you’re not tired of all the Internet memes that have been circulating the web lately, you’ll want to check out Someecards’ website and smartphone app (for the iPhone). You’ll get a kick out of creating one-of-a-kind cards for friends and family members. Browse their online selection when you need a good laugh!
  • Netflix: Allows you to access your subscriptions from your phone or tablet. A must for students on the go!

Get all your devices loaded up with the latest apps before your semester begins and you’ll be ahead of the game and ready to take on your classes at full speed!

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