Web Instagram, archiving instantly with Seagate backup software and other online trends

Ready for back-to-school?

Ready for back-to-school?

Hot diggity digital: It’s our Internet and technology roundup!

Have you been just too busy clicking through vacation photos on your camera to see what all your friends are sharing online? Did you know that Web Instagram may be joining its mobile counterpart? Want to make sure your Facebook pics have a backup that isn’t on the cloud? Check out some tips for keeping current in our technology roundup.

Instagram moves to the Web?

Rumor has it that the Facebook purchase of Instagram, a mobile app that lets users share their photos instantly on social media networks like Tumblr, Foursquare and Twitter, is leading to a further web presence for the mobile-only company. Why is this a big deal? Currently, Instagram encourages the use of third-party web services like Webstagram, Instagrid and Instagreat to handle online functions. According to TechCrunch writer Colleen Taylor in her July 20, 2012, post “Instagram For The Web Coming Soon? Online ‘View Profile’ Link Spotted In The Wild,” the move “could harm the ecosystem of third-party apps that have cropped up to fill the longtime void.”

How did the rumor start? The main Instagram site has little, if any, functionality, but on July 20, 2012, users momentarily saw an option to “View Profile” on their dropdown menu. The option soon disappeared, but users began to speculate that, as Taylor suggests, Instagram’s web presence is no longer a matter of “if,” but “when.” Until then, keep clicking and posting from your phone — or from one of the third-party sources currently in place to make Instagram web friendly.

Get your photos out of the clouds

Looking for a new external drive to make sure your latest papers are backed up? You may want to check out the new functionality of the Seagate Backup Plus. Not only does the Seagate backup software keep track of your regular documents, it also automatically uploads or downloads your photos to and from Flickr and Facebook, Adrian Covert reported in his June 12, 2012, Gizmodo article, “Seagate’s New Drives Automatically Upload and Download Photos From Facebook and Flickr.” A drive runs between $120 and $250, depending on the size. Not sure that’s for you? Here are a few other external drives on the market:

  • Western Digital’s My Book Thunderbolt Duo Lightning clocks in at 6 terabytes; it’s heavy and requires external power (and runs $700), but it’s good for videographers who need heavy-duty storage.
  • The Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt has just one thunderbolt port, but is versatile and fast — meaning you can use it for more than just a backup drive. A 1-terabyte drive runs around $225.
  • Western Digital’s smaller My Passport Portable is convenient for backing up your laptop as well as a desktop, but the software doesn’t schedule your backups for you; the easy to transport 2-terabyte drive runs $180.
  • Worried about fire or water damage? The IoSafe Solo G3 is designed for disasters and covers up to $2500 in data retrieval if necessary; the 1-terabyte drive clocks in at about $300.

Trending on Twitter and YouTube

Twitter is divided on whether to support or mock Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann’s opinions; but, students clamber to post their favorite classroom quotes or report how they organize their contacts lists.

YouTube features a near escape from a glacier, alternate ways to play musical instruments and a new trailer:

    • Jens Møller of Greenland caught a glacier wave on film.
    • The new Kirsten Dunst flick, Bachelorette, released its first trailer.
    • ThePianoGuys play the strings of a piano in their newest release:

Feeling a little short on memes lately? I bet! Keep yourself busy between classes (after you’ve done your studying, of course…) with these make-your-own meme sites!

  • DIYlol.com
  • QuickMeme.com/make
  • Memegenerator.net

You’re welcome.

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