Bill Nye The Science Guy emphasizes the theory of evolution vs. creationism

Bill Nye The Science Guy

Bill Nye displays his "In Praise of Reason" Award (Photo by BDEngler)

For most of you growing up during the 1990s, Bill Nye “The Science Guy” was a scientific icon — funny, kooky, educational and entertaining. Lately, however, Nye has been making headlines with not only reports of his death but also his staunch views about the theory of evolution versus creationism — and his comments have caused quite a stir.

Nye’s credentials

In case you were worried, Nye is very much alive — his reported death being nothing more than a hoax that began on Twitter on Aug. 26, 2012 (similar rumors have been circulating for over a decade). More newsworthy, however, is that Nye is raising a few eyebrows with his newest YouTube video where he emphatically stresses the importance of students understanding evolution — and that creationism should never enter the realm of conversation on this subject.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the science guy, take a look at a few of his accomplishments:

  • Hosted television series Bill Nye The Science Guy from 1992-1998
  • Hosted, produced and wrote television series The Eyes of Nye from 2003-2005
  • Hosted and wrote numerous other series, including The Greatest Inventions, Stuff Happens and Solving For X
  • Won three Emmy Awards
  • Authored five children’s books
  • Appears alongside Ellen DeGeneres in Epcot’s Ellen’s Energy Adventure

For a full list of his Curriculum Vitae, visit his website, Bill Nye The Science Guy.

Reasons for broadcasting

Scientists stressing the theory of evolution are nothing new. After all, they are scientists. The reason Nye is making headlines is not for his belief in evolution; it is because of his comments to the parents of the world. Here are a few highlights from his post:

  • The United States is the only country where some people are in denial about evolution.
  • Evolution is the basis of biology.
  • Beliefs other than evolution are inconsistent.
  • The theory of creationism will be obsolete in a few years.
  • Parents can have their own beliefs but should not teach their children theories that are inconsistent with evolution.

Nye’s final comment is why people are all abuzz. To view the entire segment, check out the video below:

Or, for a complete transcript of the video, visit

Strong opinions

This discussion begs the questions:

  • Can science and religion coexist?
  • Can a scientist also have strong religious beliefs?
  • Can someone who has an unwavering faith also buy into the theory of evolution?

Big Think published the video on Aug. 23, 2012, and, in only a few days, the response has been phenomenal. Some viewers are completely astounded and offended by Nye’s remarks while others praise and agree with him:

  • “Tell me ONE FACT of evolution! If evolution were true, the fossil record would have BILLIONS of transitional forms!”
  • “Evolution is a straight crack pot theory. If I didn’t believe in God, I would still absolutely reject evolution. But the fact is, we see proof of creation every day, its [sic] all around us.”
  • “What I believe he’s talking about is the whole Origin of Species vs Creationism debate and all he’s saying is that he’s fine with adults believing in whatever but they should not influence the children. Children should come up with their own ideas.”
  • “Wow, the fact there is ‘debate’ over this issue is saddening. Creationism is a myth.”

Theory of evolution versus creationism

You’re in college to broaden your mind. So, consider the comments made by Bill Nye and the responses to his video. Do you agree with Nye or do you detest his viewpoints? Are you still uncertain where your loyalties lie on this subject? If nothing else, Nye’s remarks make us remember one important point — to question everything, even our strongest beliefs.

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