From Halloween costume ideas to fun Halloween party games: How to be spooktacular this season

Halloween ideasHalloween nostalgia may bring back memories of bags filled with candy, spooky ghost stories and outlandish costumes — and this is only from last year. This fall, be the hit of your campus! Here are some Halloween costume ideas that will make you the center of attention at every gala. Throwing your own shindig? Learn how to tie everything together using a theme, offering spooky fare and planning fun Halloween party games without blowing next term’s textbook budget!

Be the best dressed

Buying a Halloween costume is so passé. So, this year, great your creative juices flowing and come up with something completely you! Best of all, there are a number of outrageous costumes that you can put together without spending a ton of cash.

  • StudentAdvisor offers “7 Cheap DIY Halloween Costumes for College Students in 2012,” and explains how to transform into grapes, an iPhone or a Beanie Baby.
  • Want to go to the Halloween bash as an NFL Replacement Ref, Snookie’s baby or The Turtleman? Then look no further than‘s “Top Halloween Costumes for 2012.” Here, you will find detailed (and cheap) instructions on how to have the best costume at the ball.
  • For a wider variety, check out eCampus‘s “151 Halloween Costumes: Easy, Fast, Cheap!” Here you can learn to transform yourself into everything from a Frosted Mini-Wheat and toothpaste bottle to infamous characters like Homer Simpson and Perry the Platypus.

Plan a memorable soiree

Are you tired of attending so-so Halloween parties that end up as snooze-fests? This year, be the life of the party by simply being the host. Start by choosing a theme for the festivities, and plan from there. Need some ideas?

  • Team Jacob vs. Team Edward — have all of your guests come as either a werewolf or a vampire. Snacks can include “blood” to drink (red punch, of course) and ladyfingers to feast upon — and decorations can be as simple as shrouding everything in an eerie light (swap out regular light bulbs for purple or red ones and drape cheap black fabric over couches and tables). Twilight trivia could be a blast. Just be sure to offer a unique prize to the winning team! You could even include music from the movies as your playlist!
  • Teammates Rule — at this event, insist that guests attend wearing a “group” costume. From larger groups like the cast of the Adams Family to couples dressed as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to individuals arriving as a “pack” of gum — this will be one unique party! To decorate, fill your space with team-building encouragements, posters and games that must be completed together (like scavenger hunts).
  • Movie Madness — tell your guests that they are going to be stepping onto the set of the worst horror film ever — and they are the cast! For this theme, have your invitees dress as their favorite horror film villains and decorate your set like a film scene gone wrong (lots of fake blood, knocked over tables and a soundtrack with lots of screams). Games can include a costume contest for the guest most “in character.”

To get more ideas about planning your Halloween party (from invites to food to games), check out “How To: Throw A Spooky Halloween Party” on College Lifestyles, Punchbowl‘s “Halloween Party Games for Adults,” and, of course, Pinterest.

…but stay safe!

While attending or hosting your Halloween bash, just remember that in the blink of an (Cyclops’s) eye, situations can get out of hand. If you are attending a party, keep the following safety tips in mind:

  • Choose a Halloween costume that you won’t regret after 1/2 hour (too provocative, too complex you find yourself tripping over it, etc)
  • Get your own beverages throughout the night
  • Go as a group and return home as a group — never walk alone or let a friend leave the party alone or with a stranger
  • If of age, be wary of your alcohol consumption — and keep an eye on your group’s as well
  • Don’t attend a party where under-age people are drinking alcohol. You could find yourself in trouble just for being there
  • Know where the exits are in case the party gets out of hand

If you are hosting a Halloween party, keep these tips in mind:

  • Refuse entry to anyone who seems “out of it”
  • Keep a first aid kit handy
  • Appoint someone of age to be in charge of any alcoholic drinks — and give them the okay to refuse to serve anyone who appears overserved
  • Consider having someone “card” everyone at the door; it is your party and you will be responsible for underage drinking
  • Ask anyone who drives and plans to drink to place their keys in a hat, bowl or other receptacle and only return them at the end of the night if they appear sober
  • If the party gets out of hand, shut it down. Period!

Follow these tips and you may just find yourself the hit of the season! Happy Halloween!

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