College spring break 2013: What to pack, what to wear and what to take on road trips!

Spring break 2013Your college spring break 2013 is just around the corner! Yay! By now, you have probably already decided where you want to go and how you want to get there — road trips, anyone? — but have you even started to think about what you’re going to take? Probably not! You’re still too busy cramming for that History of Art exam. Well, no worries. We are here to help. Instead of throwing everything into your bag at the last minute, take the time to jot down a few of these tips. Better yet, print out the page and use it as a checklist! 

What to pack…

Yes, your destination will determine some of the items you put in your suitcase. For instance, if you plan to go trekking around the Grand Canyon, sturdy hiking boots are a must. On the other hand, you don’t want to get caught at the beach without sandals (no socks, please).

For the majority of spring breakers, there is a set checklist of must-haves, regardless of your destination:

  • Bathing Suit(s) and Cover-Up(s)
  • Beach/Pool Towels
  • Sweatshirt/Light Jacket/Raincoat
  • Long Pants
  • Medicine
  • Bug Spray
  • Hair Product
  • Toiletries
  • Sunglasses
  • Toothbrush
  • Sunscreen
  • Day Clothes/Night Clothes
  • Passport/Driver’s License/ID
  • Phone/Camera/Tablet with Chargers

Even if you plan to go someplace chilly, odds are there’s going to be an indoor pool, so make sure at least one bathing suit (and a cover-up for those treks down the elevator) and beach towel make it into your bag. However, if you are headed to the beach or a warm locale,’s “College Road Trip /Spring Break Packing” suggests a minimum of three because “bathing suits always take longer to dry than you think they will and who wants to put on a damp suit?” A very valid question, indeed!

What to wear…

Okay, this is spring break. If you are at the beach, then you can practically live in your bikini or your swim trunks by day. When the sun goes down, however, you need to dress to impress. The same goes for all of you heading to a less sunny destination — if you plan to hit the clubs, bring your best threads.

Ladies, for a look at some of the hottest fashion trends this season, check out FANtanista‘s “Spring Break for 2013” posted by Marsa on February 15, 2013.

Gents, check out AskMen‘s “Spring Break Fashion” posted by Brandon Dyce to help you shed off your current college (non)fashion and opt “for a more polished, reliable style.”

Don’t forget the road trip traditions…

If you are heading out on a road trip, there are a few traditions you must follow:

  • Stop at every tourist trap
  • Recite scary stories and local legends about the towns you pass through — yes, you can make them up; your traveling companions won’t know the difference
  • Watch “road trip” themed movies along the way — like Road Trip
  • Listen to “road trip” themed songs — like Holiday Road
  • Most importantly, have fun!

What to take (and do) on a road trip…

So, you and your best pals have opted to drive to your destination. Or, perhaps just traveling the open road and seeing the sights is the destination! Fantastic! This can almost be considered a rite of passage. Just be sure to include all of the necessities before you take off:

  • Car in Good Condition — preferably one that will get you to your destination and back again safely.
  • Spare Tire and Jack
  • Road Maps
  • Directions
  • Music/Movies
  • iPads/iPods/iPhones — or similar devices for entertainment and phone calls — just remember the car chargers!
  • Cash for unplanned expenses — remember National Lampoon’s Vacation?
  • Cameras
  • Books/Journals

The type of road trip you embark on will, essentially, dictate what you need to take along. For example, if you plan to hit a number of national parks, camping gear would be a requirement. However, if you are simply going to drive eight hours to the beach, then your laundry list of necessities just got a lot shorter.

To figure out the best options for you venture, visit‘s “Checklist for a Road Trip.” Yes, I realize that there is a section on this website about how to entertain small children, but let’s be honest: we all have at least one of those friends who will be hungry and bored within the hour. Maybe a toy or two could go a long way!

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