Thank your professor by nominating them for America’s Top TA 2013 — The national challenge by CengageBrain

Does your favorite TA get the recognition he or she deserves? College students now have the chance to thank the TA (teaching assistant) who has had the biggest impact on their education through America’s Top TA competition by CengageBrain.

Nominate a teaching assistant for America's Top TA

College scholarships created in honor of America’s Top TAs!

For the grand prize, CengageBrain, the premier destination to buy or rent college textbooks and ebooks, will establish three $2,500 scholarships, one in each of the winning TA’s names, and those three TA’s will be part of the integral team that determines the scholarship criteria and selects the scholarship recipients. Plus, every student who submits a nomination will automatically be entered to win one of three $50 Visa gift cards.

To nominate a TA, visit CengageBrain’s Facebook page and tell us why your teaching assistant is America’s Top TA. Following the nomination period, voting will then be open to the public to determine which of the top ten teaching assistants will ultimately receive CengageBrain’s national title of America’s Top TA. Winners will be announced during Teacher Appreciation Week, the week of May 6.

“Good TAs set up discussion sessions or study groups outside of class to offer extra help,” says Daniel White, Vice President of Student Advocacy at CengageBrain. “They often even conduct several classes entirely on their own during a semester, and this is on top of taking classes or conducting research themselves. We probably don’t give them enough credit. Nominating a teaching assistant for America’s Top TA is a phenomenal way to thank a hardworking TA who takes the time to look out for both their academic success and yours.”

Competition timeline

  • Nominations will be accepted through April 2.
  • Voting will then be open to the public for a month starting April 3 to determine which 3 TAs will ultimately receive CengageBrain’s national title of America’s Top TA!
  • Winners will be announced during Teacher Appreciation Week, the week of May 6.  Follow it all on Facebook!


  • All nominations will be vetted and only real TAs will make the cut to the voting round.
  • Invalid entries won’t be eligible for the $50 Visa gift card drawing.
  • Once voting begins, you can vote for each finalist once – everyday! So get your friends and classmates to vote with you daily too!

Does your school have a teaching assistant who deserves to take home the title of America’s Top TA? Nominate now!

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