Job search tips: How social media can help make you or break you

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So you’re ready to hit the electronic pavement and get moving on your job search. Facebook. LinkedIn. Twitter. You’re all over it. Right? Well, even if you think you’ve got it in the bag, take a moment to review these job search tips on how using social media can help make you or break you during your career pursuit. Understanding the nuances of how social media can be critical in landing that position you’ve always wanted.


Get noticed

You want your potential employer to notice you. You know they are going to do their homework and Google you. By filling out your profile on LinkedIn and being active on its network, you will get pushed up on Google’s search results, increasing your chances that your prospective boss will spot you.

Use Twitter strategically

Treat your tweets like gold. Use them to your advantage in your job search by pinpointing and connecting with those hiring managers you are itching to get in contact with. To do that, retweet their tweets and try to get them to follow you on Twitter as you grow your network of contacts.

“Twitter in particular offers opportunity to connect with professionals who might not otherwise give you the time of day,” wrote Alexis Grant for US News & World Report in “10 Smart Ways to Use Social Media in Your Job Search.”

Increase your KLOUT score

Show potential employers just how involved with social media you are. KLOUT measures your online presence and gives you a score that has been traditionally helpful in communications, marketing and the arts, but is growing in other industries as well. You can share posts, articles and videos and comment on blogs.

Trudy Steinfeld, in a Septmeber 28, 2012 post to, “The Best Ways to Use Social Media in Your Job Search,” noted the increasing influence KLOUT is having in the job market.

“…since many organizations are also trying to build their on-line brand, having employees who operate in this space can also be appealing to a potential employer,” Steinfeld wrote.


Leave your Facebook profile public

By leaving your profile open, you are leaving the door open for hiring managers to openly assess any post to your page. Posts by your crazy party friends, and more importantly, your responses, may send the wrong message about you. Instead, create a new list and customize your privacy settings so that you can control what your professional contacts can see.


Be discreet. While it may be tempting to flaunt your job interview conquests and how you think you performed, don’t do it. If hiring managers see you playing favorites or shopping around too much in the industry, they can lose interest. Fast. Nobody needs to see your job search play out on social media.

Stay active

Of course, the opposite of sharing too much information, is going dark. This can be just as detrimental during your job search since it tells employers gauging from your barren profile that either you just don’t know how to use the tools or can’t be consistent. Send updates once a week at least and stay on the radar.

Be offensive

Tweeting overly negative or profane comments will never win you points with a recruiter. Even if you’re trying to be clever or subversive, play it safe. Again, your image is everything in social media so all it takes is that one bad tweet to turn someone off.

In a May 19, 2011 interview with Amy Levin-Epstein for CBS’ Money Watch, “5 Ways Twitter Can Ruin Your Career,” Jessica Miller-Merrell, CEO of Xceptional HR,” emphasized the importance of staying professional on Twitter.

‘“Remember that Twitter instantly brands you, so the tone of your tweets needs to reflect the image you want to present. “Tweets about your breakup, that contain curse words, and are extremely negative in nature can put a bad taste in a hiring manager or boss’s mouth,”’ said Miller-Merrell.

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The bottom line when job searching is on social: it’s better to say too little than too much.

Do you have any brand new smart-tech tips for using social media for job hunting? Let us know in the comments below!

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    Thanks to share such a nice information. Really with the help of social networking media, it becomes easier for job seekers to search job quickly. But it also requires some precautions as you discussed in the the post.


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