Stay organized with iHomework and a final grade calculator, Twitter gossip pics and online trends

Thumbs and Ammo - Django

Thumbs and Ammo – Django

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The end of the term is approaching, and if you think your grades are slipping, you may need some new tools to stay organized. Check out iHomework, or look up your averages with a final grade calculator to get the rest of your semester under control. Need a Twitter celebrity break? Check out the Miley Cyrus Twitter pics the former Disney star posted for her fans.

Stay organized with iHomework

Now that you’ve gotten back your midterm grades, do you have a couple classes that need a little pick me up? You may want to check out iHomework, an app that works on your tablet, phone, or computer, to help you keep track of your assignments. The app offers functionality including alerts, so on Friday night, you can get a “poke” about the reading you have to do over the weekend; a scheduler to block off time for study sessions; and color coding for your classes, so you know which tests are coming up next.

Marc Saltzman of USA Today reviewed the app last year in his August 22, 2012 post, “iHomework: App helps students with, well, you know,” and while he found some general flaws, he ultimately decided, “it’s still a powerful and versatile pick that’s only 99 cents.”

The app offers support via Twitter and tutorials on YouTube, and it’s available at the App store.

Final grade calculators

One of the features that iHomework offers is an automatic grade calculator. When you get back a grade on an assignment, enter in either the letter or the percentage — however your prof weights grades — and let iHomework track the averages. This should give you the heads up on whether you need to ace the final exam, or whether you can rely on your other grades to pull you through.

But iHomework isn’t the only final grade calculator out there. Here are some options that might help you out:

  • Daniel Immerwahr, now an assistant professor at Northwestern University, developed a student grade calculator while he was at Berkeley, hosted on the Open Computing Facility at Berkeley’s site
  • Business company WD Communications’s Back2College site offers a GPA calculator to help you figure out if you’ll make the honor roll
  • Roger Chen of RogerHub offers a calculator that will tell you what you need to make on your final to get the grade you want for the course
  • Ben Eggleston at the University of Kansas developed a grade calculator that calculates an assignment’s grade against its course weight

If you’re not worried about averages, but you are worried about a big research project due by the end of the semester, remember to keep Questia’s iPhone App in your bag of tricks.

Miley Cyrus Twitter pics and other Twitter celebrities

Need a break from serious thinking? Celebrity news is abuzz with the newest Twitter pic  from singer Miley Cyrus, which may have been posted to celebrate her fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, returning to Los Angeles. Cyrus previously did a goofy dance for fans while wearing a unicorn costume, which she also posted on Twitter. “The photo is clearly a thank you to fans of the video she posted on Mar. 20 of herself twerking in a unicorn onesie!,” according to Billy Nilles of Hollywood Life in theMarch 22, 2013 article, “Miley Cyrus Posts Sexy Twitter Pic — For Liam Hemsworth?

Not a fan of Miley? Maybe these other twitter celebrities are more your style:

On Twitter and YouTube

Twitter’s tweeting about annoyances, good advice, and a farewell to My Chemical Romance:

On YouTube, people are watching a photo prank, finding out about the snooze button, or gawking at DevinSuperTramp:

If your thumbs up is feeling a little down, check out these hard core thumbs and ammo pics from Know Your Meme.

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