Staying at school during summer semester? Summer tips for college students staying on campus — and some good summer jobs too!

English: Students at the ABAC campus.

Summer semester at the ABAC campus

It’s finally summer! You have chosen to remain on campus while your friends and roommates head home to do nothing but bask in the sun with a frosty beverage and enjoy mom’s home cooked meals and laundry service. Is it any wonder you look so glum? Staying on campus over the summer semester comes with a number of stresses. Are you taking summer classes? Do you still need to find a job to pay your rent? Are the only people you recognize your professors? Although college can seem like an alien planet during the summer semester, this is the best time to maximize your opportunities both on and off campus. Just think, you’ll have more quiet time, more independence and you’ll be the top pick for some good summer jobs! Need a place to start? Just follow these summer tips for college students on campus!

5 social “must-dos”

Okay, so the bars are empty and the halls are quiet. This doesn’t mean that the social scene is dead. It just means that you might have to expand your horizons a little. Here are some great places to start:

  1. Find someone you know or meet someone new. This doesn’t mean that you have to become besties with the girl next door, but at least you’ll have a buddy to hang with during the summer months.
  2. Experience local culture. If campus seems dead, head into the nearest city or town. Take advice from Megan Rogers and her April 08, 2011, post in USA Today College titled “Summer: The perfect time to stay at school.” According to Rogers, “You can have fun in a huge city with a stellar internship. But you can have just as much fun in a tiny college town with the right attitude.”
  3. Get active. Fitness or rec centers usually offer a small number of intramural activities during the summer. So get on a team—it’s a great way to keep fit while meeting new people!
  4. Head to the pool. Now that you have a great physique (thanks to intramural basketball), you’re ready to show some skin! Many apartment complexes have pools, so take advantage. Not only is this a great way to relax, it’s a great (FREE!) social opportunity. Isn’t that the guy you sat next to in Chem 101 over there?
  5. Find a job. Don’t overlook the social factor of working during summer semester. Not only is this a great time to make some bank, a job can also help you connect with other students on campus.

According to That Girl magazine’s article posted by Clara on July 18, 2012, there are “Pros and cons of staying at college for the summer,” one of the pros being the social scene. “It’s like the first few glorious weeks of freshman year all over again. Everybody wants to be your friend,” Clara claimed. So take advantage and get to know as many people as you can. This may come in handy if you are currently looking for a job. And on that note…

5 work-related “must dos”

The great news about finding a job during summer semester is that a lot of places are hiring. So stop by the local taverns and delis—many businesses may be looking for summer help. Not interested in the food and beverage industry? Check out MintLife‘s “6 summer job ideas for college students” posted on May 20, 2013—just skip over the first job on the list, which is indeed “server.”

Regardless of where you decide to work, make sure you follow these 5 tips—they may even land you a permanent gig:

  1. Be on time, every time. In fact, try getting to work at least five minutes early every day. These few extra minutes can really impress your boss (and will definitely give you an advantage over the employees who are always sauntering in five minutes late!).
  2. Put your schoolwork first. If you are on campus for classes, don’t overbook yourself. Remember, your first priority should be your studies.
  3. Make time to relax. This is summer break after all, so be sure to include a few stress-free hours each day.
  4. Don’t spend all your hard-earned cash. Try to budget your money so you will have enough once fall semester is underway. Then, you won’t have to work as much when you are taking a full course load.
  5. Network. Even now, you should begin to see your employer as a possible reference. So make as many contacts as you can on the job—you never know what (or whom) the future might hold.

Want to share your story of summer spent on campus? We’d love to read it! Just post in the comments below!

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