Top 5 ways to boost school spirits on your college campus

Enfield High School takes pride and spirit ser...What’s the big deal about school spirit anyway? Maybe it’s overrated or maybe you’re secretly jealous about all the fun those peppy students are having? It’s time to try getting into the spirit, if you haven’t already. Having school spirit isn’t just about sports or the fraternity/sorority set. After all, we are a part of this school, too, and we’re proud to be here. No one wants to miss out on the excitement. If you’re looking for ways to get your spirit on, check out these ideas. 

Be a school fashionista

Avoid the obvious. School colors of course spell spirit, but instead try wearing a more neutral color with your school’s logo and make it “pop” with colorful accessories, like a belt buckle or shoe laces. Take the lead from this guy in, “What to wear: school spirit,” in the March 28, 2013 post to College Fashionista by Chelsi Zollner.

Organize a “homecoming”-style bonfire

While it may be too late in the year to call it a “homecoming” bonfire, it’s never too late to get a group together for a school spirited bonfire to meet other students. This is especially great for dorms. Try designing an original t-shirt for your dorm and express your spirit. It’s always easier to rally your pride around a common cause – if your school is famous for being green, create a rally around that, or if your campus has stellar food, have a foodie potluck to demonstrate your spirit.

Make your dorm a school spirit oasis

If you want to include some school spirit in your life on a daily basis, why not spruce up your dorm room or apartment? The key here is not to go overboard. Keep the spirit high, but the cheese factor low. You can make small statements with some printed desk accessories and bulletin boards, or upholster a chair for a splash of color. Madison Lewis offers up some unique decorating ideas in “How to (really) bring school spirit to your dorm,” in a January 24, 2013 post to USA Today College.

Go viral

Think you have a better way to show your school spirit? If you have a particular talent, like say dancing or makeup application, then choreograph your spirited short, get some friends to play along and post away on YouTube. The sky’s the limit here, of course, so no matter what makes your spirit shine, go for it! Check out these examples: 

Own it

School pride means believing in your school both inside and out. Take it from those who know: spirit coaches. These people have made a profession out of school spirit 24/7. Wondering how they do it? They own it. Let go of any preconceptions you have about school spirit and just enjoy the moment.

“The concept of school spirit and school pride is very conformist in nature and therefore is a bad idea to many students looking to become individuals, but the idea of school spirit can be a radical change if you have the right group of students to lead the charge…,” says Charlie Huber in “Increasing school spirit on your college campus,” an April 28, 2011 post to Cheer Coach Magazine.

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