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Acceptance and studying at college is going to be a totally different experience than many things you have already accomplished in your life. You must juggle different tasks at once, and if you dorm, you must consider the advantages and disadvantages that come with living on campus.

Move-in day

Move-in day is the most exciting day—until you actually reach campus and you see all these lines. Nothing is as annoying as those lines. None the less, move-in day is going to be your most exciting day on campus. Studies haven’t started so the stress level should be very low. Other than the lines you can look forward to seeing many of those friends you have met at orientation and meet your fellow peers.

Say hello to as many people as you can; get to know everyone! College is about meeting new people and making new friends, so what better day to start! You also get to meet your RA if you plan on dorming. Make a good impression on them. (You don’t want to be on their bad side.)

First day of school

On the first day of school, make the best impression you can on your professor and peers. Along with being prepared for class, have on an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and happy. Get ready for all the syllabi and make sure you have a planner. They can come in handy for notes, and important dates. These things are very important. University or college too large or big? Take this day to explore campus on your free time. You shouldn’t be hassled with papers, tests, or homework just yet, so this is the best time to do this. Take a few people you have met with you; this is a great way to bond with the people. Talk with them and don’t be shy! Confidence is a great quality to wear. Want more info? Check out this “Cheat Sheet for the First Day of School.”

If you plan on dorming, do yourself a favor: don’t complain about the living conditions or who you dorm with. Make the best of the situation. Become friends with all the people in your dorm. Trust me, it creates a welcoming environment and you’ll always look forward to going back to your new home.

Try to get a job

Jobs are always good resume builders. Try to look for one that pertains to your major or field of interest. If you can’t, a job is always a good way to make sure you have some money through college. The hardest part of a job is finding one and also acing that interview. To find one, use your time off to look for one in the nearest distance to your college or university. Ask around and take as many applications as you can. To ace that interview check out this great “How to Prepare for an interview” page.


Orientation is the most fun you will have in college. People look for confidence on campus, and if that’s the first impression you make, you’re sure to have a great year. Ask all the questions you need at orientation, because come move-in day or the first day of school, many offices won’t be able to take your calls or answer your questions. So ask, ask, ask at orientation!

Greek life

Greek life is the best way to get involved on campus. No matter what your personality is or who you are, there’s a group for you. There are many different kinds of fraternities and sororities on campus. Keep a look out for when they are looking to recruit new members. Greek life can be a hassle sometimes and can take a toll on your school work, so if you believe this pertains to yourself; consider Greek life in the future semesters. Rush Week can be insane or a hassle. If you are committed to rushing a fraternity or sorority, ask people what Rush Week looks like for the sorority or fraternity of your interest. Check out this great “How To Survive Rush Week” guide by

College is what you make out of it and it can honestly go either way: positively or negatively. You must take the wheel and turn it the way you want things to go. Have fun, don’t take things too seriously or take things as a joke either. No one wants to flunk out of college, so keep yourself in check and always stay organized. Always try to contribute your ideas and views. You never know, they can make history. As we say at Albany “Prepare to make a difference.”

Hi everyone! My name is Youstina Aziz. I am currently enrolled as a sophomore at the University at Albany. I study Forensic Chemistry and Criminal Justice. Many of you may ask—what is the background to your name? My name is Egyptian. I was born in Alexandria, Egypt on May 20th, 1994. (Yay Taurus!)

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