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Or course you can search for a part time job while still in school! (Photo credit: TalentEgg)

The high cost of college has many students searching for the best part-time jobs. Good student jobs are those that allow the college student a flexible schedule and a decent hourly rate. Even more valuable is the experience that you gain and the contacts that you make while working. The impact on your future career makes the choice of working a good one for students.

College student jobs

Amanda Lilly offered ideas for jobs in her September 2011 post for titled, “10 Great Part-Time Jobs for College Students.” Why would a student want to work while balancing a busy schedule already?

“I felt more in control of my finances — and I didn’t have the guilt of spending my parents’ money on Friday and Saturday nights. I also started to slowly build up my own savings, a habit that I’m happy I acquired. Above all, it pushed me to step outside the “campus bubble” and get to know other people and parts of my community,” Libby explained.

Debt-free college

Another good reason to work while in school is to reduce the amount of debt you’ll have to take on. Why sentence yourself to years of heavy payments if you can avoid it? Just how expensive has college become? Quentin Fottrell gave details in his August 7, 2013, post for titled, “80% of students work at least part-time.”

“The cost of undergraduate tuition — including room and board — surged 42% in the past 10 years (adjust for inflation) to $13,600 at public institutions for the 2010-11 academic year; it rose 31% to $36,300 at private nonprofit institutions over the same period, according to the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics,” Fottrell revealed.

Best part-time jobs

The best job for college students is one that is flexible and offers valuable experience related to their future career. You’re more likely to find this kind of job if you use the resources on your campus.

Emily Driscoll described how these jobs work in her January 14, 2013, post for titled, “Where Students Can Find Part-Time Jobs.”

“Students should look for relevant positions in their field in on-campus jobs (personal trainers, teaching assistants, administrative jobs, etc.)  to be able to work closely with others in their industry without having to travel very far,” Driscoll suggested.

Other possibilities that can be found on campus include:

  • internships
  • work-study
  • temporary work

Temp work, whether found through your campus or a placement agency, can be a great way to impress a potential employer and win a full-time job.

Spread your wings and freelance

If you long for control over your time while earning an income, then consider starting your own business or freelancing your services. What kind of services can you offer?

  • home cleaning services
  • babysitting/nanny
  • computer tutor
  • computer repair
  • desktop publishing

You just might join the ranks of those who have created an entire empire while earning money for college. Who do I mean? Well, consider these enterprises created or conceived by college students:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Time Magazine
  • FedEx

Not bad for part-time work, eh?

Web resources for part-time jobs

You’re a whiz at finding answers to your homework online. Why not find a job too? There are plenty of websites with job listings that can be filtered for type and location. Many of these sites also have tutorials on how to apply and create your resume.

Some of the sites to look for:

  • Snagajob
  • Monster
  • CareerBuilder
  • SimplyHired
  • Indeed

Many of the part-time jobs are in retail sales but don’t discount them. Retail experience can come in handy in many careers. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to work for a company that offers training programs in management and tuition reimbursement for your college classes.

The new employment

Trends in part-time hiring are changing because of the recession, according to Tami Luhby. In her August 12, 2013, post for titled, “Want a job? Good luck finding full-time work,” Luhby described the new working economy.

“The trend of hiring temporary workers, meanwhile, has broadened beyond the traditional fields of office workers and manufacturing[…]. Now, temp employees can be found in the engineering and information technology industries, for instance,” Luhby said.

Luhby found that the move to temp and part-time workers is spurred by fears about the economy and impending healthcare costs. Because businesses are finding cost savings and flexibility with this arrangement, we can expect to see more of it in the future.

What has been your best part-time job while in college? Tell us about it in the comments.

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