Breaking Bad Finale: What you missed from the show of the year! SPOILER ALERT

OK, OK. I admit it. I became a fan very late in the game. After the finale tonight, I’m not sure I can watch any other drama on TV (yes, even my beloved Grey’s Anatomy) without feeling a bit disappointed. Here’s what you missed from the Breaking Bad finale, the show of the year!

How fans wanted it to end

There have been predictions and spoilers posted online for the past week on how fans wish the show would end. Here are a few of the top posts, via the Huff Post TV’s September 27, 2013, post titled “’Breaking Bad’ Predictions: What Do You Think Will Happen In The Series Finale?” by Breaking Bad superfan Mike Ryan.

  • Lane Brown, New York Magazine: Walt frees Jesse, slips Lydia the ricin in her tea, shoots the Nazis with his M60; then Jesse kills Walt and escapes, scott free.
  • Kate Erbland, Film School Rejects: Walter White has to die; Lydia, Todd and the Nazis will be taken down; Skyler will also find a resting place. Marie, Holly and Walt Jr. will rebuild a life together.
  • Dave Itzkoff, New York Times: Walt — flash forward six months — now a changed man, is a driver’s training instructor driving around a “with his favorite student, a spiky-haired, trash-talking pipsqueak who naturally reminds him of Jesse.”

Breaking Bad finale: The spoiler

So, how exactly did the Emmy-award winning show end? It ended as it should have, according to fans posting all night on Twitter using #GoodbyeBreakingBad. A few highlights from the extended 1 hour, 15 minute episode:

  • Walt steals a car in New Hampshire and finds his way to his old colleagues, Gretchen and Elliot Schwartz, to make sure his last bit of money (a measly $9 million), is entrusted to Walt Jr. on his 18th birthday. Reoccurring fan favorite and friends of Jesse, Badger and Skinny Pete, are Walt’s hired hit men on the Schwartz duo.
  • Walt eventually makes his way back home and poisons Lydia’s choice sweetener, Stevia, with the ricin he’s left behind in his pre-war humble abode.  She will slowly die.
  • Skyler will be let off the hook as it is assumed that she’ll trade the coordinates of Hank and Steve’s bodies for a plea bargain.
  • Every last one of the Nazis has been taken out by Walt’s homemade M60/key fob/garage door opener/car battery/jumper cable trunk contraption — or in Todd’s case, by Jesse’s own hands.
  • Jesse is afforded a chance for a new start.
  • Walt dies alone in the meth lab that was his brainchild, never having once tasted his own Blue Ice. A gunshot to the abdomen would be his demise.

So what now?

According to the fans posting on AMC’s page, “Thanking Bad,” it seems the feelings are mutual all around.

  • “The BEST of all time… didn’t want it to end” says poster Abdul.
  • Betty Brassard writes, “Thank you Vince for such a perfect ending to such a perfect show on so many levels.”
  • “The most satisfying ending I could have hoped for,“ writes Gail.

Jimmy Kimmel, guest on the finale wrap-up special Talking Bad, says, “I wonder how this will effect Stevia now.”

One can only hope that the cast and crew will continue on doing what they do best.

So, for now, I’ll be starting the series over from episode one to fill in the missing pieces and see what led us to the sight of Walt and his Baby Blue.

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