DIY Wednesday: How to make your own last minute Halloween costume

Showing off my fangs. (Courtesy of Shanna Riley)

Showing off my fangs. (Courtesy of Shanna Riley)

If you’ve waited to learn how to make your own last minute Halloween costume, you’re in good company!  Doing a quick search on the web comes up with these great last-minute Halloween costume ideas that you can make with just a few ideas from your — or your roomie’s — closet!

For the ladies

If you’re not into showing a lot of skin just because it’s Halloween, check out’s  “13 Little Black Dress Halloween Costume Ideas” post by contributor Jenna. Start out with your LBD, add a few accessories and you’ll get a variety of styles for you and your ladies to wear while heading out for the night:

  • Vampire: Perfect excuse to wear your leather jacket, black boots, dark red lipstick and fake fangs. There’s even a DIY to make your own fangs here.
  • Scarecrow: Top that versatile dress with a long-sleeved flannel, and wear a pair of yellow tights to mimic straw legs and you’ll be dancing around singing “If I only had a brain” all night. A straw hat, cowboy boots and this easy tutorial for a quick make-up job will complete your look.
  • Cruella De Vil: Relive your favorite childhood movie character by pairing your dress with long black gloves, a white faux fur jacket or vest, black heels and red lipstick. Bonus points if you have dark hair; coat half of it with baby powder, spraying on hairspray to set it in.
  • Maria Von Trapp: Who doesn’t love Maria? Have an old tie-on apron lying around to throw over your black dress with a white button-down collared shirt underneath? Step into a plain pair of flats and grab your cute lab partner’s ukulele or guitar to carry around and you’ll be singing tunes all night!

For the men

Men have it much easier when it comes to Halloween costumes. Huffington Post writer Terri Coles lists “Cheap Halloween Costumes: 30 Last Minute DIY Ideas” in an October 15, 2013 post.

Here are some ways to use what you’ve got to throw together a DIY costume:

  • Duck Dynasty: While I can’t understand the fascination with this show or its cast, I’m willing to bet the costumes have been mighty popular this year. Have facial hair? Throw on a hat, a flannel and your favorite pair of hunting pants and you’re all set.
  • Grumpy Cat: The meme sensation will be a breeze to pull off if you’re comfortable with make-up.
  • Road trip: While this one is listed as “a cute one for the kids,” guys can pull it off with a great sweat suit, yellow duct tape to make the outline of the freeway on your pants and sweatshirt, and toy cars to tape on the road. Don’t forget the Interstate sign to let others know where you’re headed!
  • Where’s Waldo? Pair a striped red and white sweater with a matching beanie and black-rimmed glasses and you’re good to go.
  • Walter White or Jesse Pinkman: I have a feeling this is also going to be a popular one, though it may take some work to get right: Yellow hazmat jumpsuits with gas masks.

A few personal favorites

A personal favorite of mine is Wilson from Home Improvement. Not ringing a bell? Check it out here: all you need is a fishing hat, a flannel and something to hold a piece of fence (or cardboard) in front of your face. For the record, a harmonica holder and some tape works perfectly.

Tetris: This may take some artistic ability on your end but how perfect is it for a group costume?

Bottom line is: Don’t run to the store and spend $50 on a costume when you can throw together some items from your closet and get away with spending nothing. If you’re really at a loss, go as Joey from Friends from this episode when he wore everything in Chandler’s closet.

What are some DIY Halloween costumes that you have seen or come up with yourself? Tell us about it in the comments!

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