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Your final exam is only one week away. You are still completely confused on how quantum physics works – as many are unless your name is Albert Einstein. You can’t sleep because you’re stressing out. And unless your professor is an insomniac, they are likely sleeping so it’s probably not a good time to call them for help. But you need help so what do you do?

Connect with a tutor

CengageBrain offers tutoring from experienced tutors at There are tutoring sessions available in any subject you can imagine. Here is where you can set up an appointment time to consult with a qualified tutor. You can be sure that you are being provided with exceptional help since the academic records of each tutor are carefully screened and most have earned their master’s degree.

Advantages of online tutoring

  • Convenience. Help is offered around the clock so you don’t have to worry about closing time, whereas professors and teaching assistants tend to have limited office hours to assist you.
  • It’s affordable. College students are always looking for a good deal and this is one of them that can turn your “B” papers into “A” papers. Your parents would be so proud!
  • Different points of view. All students learn differently so hearing the course material from someone other than your professor can provide you with valuable feedback that may not have made sense before.
  • Don’t have to feel embarrassed. If a teacher seems too intimidating for you to approach them and you’re too scared to ask a classmate for help, the ability to interact anonymously with someone is always a reassuring feeling.

Always keep in mind that waiting until the last minute to study for your final exam may not help you absorb all of the content into your brain. We recommend reaching out to an online tutor early so you don’t have to worry about not understanding quantum physics just one week before your final exam on the subject.

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