Do it yourself: Speed cleaning tips for dorm life

If you seem to constantly misplace your textbooks in a room like this, it might be time to clean.

If you seem to constantly misplace your textbooks in a room like this, it might be time to clean.

No one likes it, but sometimes you gotta do it. Whether it is because mom and dad are coming to scope out your dorm life or because something green is growing in the tub, there comes a time when you have to tackle the mess that your living space has become. But you can make the whole task easier with some do-it-yourself speed cleaning tips that will have your room or apartment tidy and clean in no time.

Stop mess before it starts

One super easy cleaning tip? Stop the mess before it starts. So for instance if you use something, say a bowl to eat cereal, then clean it and put it away when you are done with it. Leave it in the sink and you will just have a tougher mess later, with dried-on cereal flakes. Ick. Sound familiar? Odds are mom told you this, and sorry to say, she was right. Again.

The blog I Heart Organizing posted on November 8, 2013, provides some handy speed cleaning tips in a post: “UHeart Organizing: Zero-Effort Cleaning Tips for An Easier Evening Routine.” The post highlights another quick and easy cleaning tip: Use the un-used side of your makeup remover cloth to clean out the sink. “If you don’t use face wipes, you can do the same thing with a wash cloth or even grab a little wad of toilet paper and give it a quick wipe-down,” the post says. This eliminates any stuck on wads of toothpaste and keeps everything looking shiny and new.

Speed cleaning routine

Maybe that girl you have been trying to impress is FINALLY stopping by your place. Well if it looks less than respectable, you may be looking for a do-it-yourself speed cleaning routine that will have it looking awesome in no time. Kim Lucian posted just what you need in “Preparing for Company in 60 Minutes (or Less!): My Speed Cleaning Routine” on Here are her seven easy steps:

1. Gather your cleaning basics—cleaning wipes, glass cleaner, dusting cloths, air freshener, whatever.
2. Pick up anything that is on the floor or on top of something that doesn’t belong there. Doing this will make everything else go faster.
3. Vacuum.
4. Use your cleaning wipes or a spray cleaner to wipe down all the kitchen surfaces.
5. Repeat step 4, except in the bathroom.
6. Got any mirrors? Time to hit them with the glass cleaner.
7. Spray some air freshener on the upholstery. DONE!

Going green

So you’ve got a master routine now for some speed cleaning, but maybe you want to take it to the next level and embrace a little eco-friendliness with your tidying? Did you know that you can make most, if not all, of the household cleaners you need? Not only will these homemade cleaners be better for the planet than the chemicals you have been buying, they might just save you some money at the same time. Now that might even make you smile while you clean!

The DIY Network has some suggestions in “How to Make Natural Cleansers From Pantry Items.” One great all-purpose cleaner for the kitchen or bathroom is diluted white vinegar. Just combine equal parts vinegar and water (one cup of each) and put it in a spray bottle. The article says, “Mildly acidic white vinegar dissolves dirt, soap scum and hard-water deposits from smooth surfaces.”

Need something a little tougher to get rid of that bathtub ring? Try baking soda. “Sprinkle baking soda onto a damp sponge to tackle grimy bathtub rings, scour vanity units or remove food deposits from the kitchen sink,” the article advises.

Who knew that do-it-yourself cleaning tips for dorm life could be so easy? Tidying doesn’t have to take hours and hours if you follow these tricks and suggestions. And of course, the more regularly you follow through with these tips, the easier and faster it will be to clean.

Got your own favorite way to tidy up fast? Share your tips in the comments below.

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