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Use coupon code ECHAPTER50 at to get 2 eChapters for the price of 1!Trust us. We know you just finished your college finals, the long semester is over, and you are about to begin a month of bliss, commonly known as Winter break. So the last thing you want to think about is preparing yourself for the next semester of college. We get it.

The thing is, it’s probably not the best idea to wait until the last minute to purchase the textbooks, eBooks, rentals, and study tools you’ll need next semester! Especially when is offering amazing deals on textbooks and more right NOW!

Deals you say? Tell me more!

That’s right! Deals! Two of them a week leading up to the new semester! This week you can either use coupon code 5OFF50 at to get five dollars off your purchase of fifty dollars or more of textbooks, eBooks, and study tools!


For a limited time (12/20/2013 – 12/26/2013) you can also use coupon code ECHAPTER50 at to get 2 eChapters for the price of 1! If you’ve been thinking about taking the digital route with your reading, now is the perfect time. There are many reasons why eChapters are becoming so popular amongst college students.

  • Convenience –  You can access your eChapter from virtually anywhere, anytime. You can also store multiple eChapters from different books on your device, which is great if you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy carrying a heavy load in their backpack (Who does?).
  • Time savings –  Instead of making that trip to the bookstore, grab your computer or tablet and head to to buy your eChapters. In the time it takes to buy what you need online, you probably wouldn’t have even arrived at the store yet.
  • The price is right –  Sometimes you might not necessarily need an entire book so this helps you get what you truly need. This way, you’ll only have to pay a fraction of the cost of an entire book.

These are the reasons why we think eChapters are a great value! Why not give them a shot this semester? Find out early what ones you may want or need for your classes, and you will end up saving yourself not just time, but money. We all know how precious both are to busy college students.

So enjoy your winter break, but remember! Next semester is right around the corner, do yourself a favor and head over to for the textbooks, eBooks, rentals, and study tools you need NOW! So you can spend the rest of your winter break focusing on the things that really matter… Like napping, surfing the internet and playing your new XBox 1! (Thanks Mom!)

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