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When it comes to college courses, there is one item that students might not be able to live without: textbooks. The downfall is that each of your books weighs almost 5 pounds! While you might get a great workout carrying them across campus, it becomes a tiring process over time.

The great news is that one major shift that has come during the 21st century is the use of electronics to find the information we’re searching for. Its quick and easy usage has become the norm, and if you haven’t jumped on the tech train yet, this is your perfect opportunity to do so.

Savings for students

If you’re looking to save some money on your school supplies this semester, look no further than the deals that is offering you. To get five dollars off your purchase of fifty dollars or more of textbooks, eBooks and study tools, use coupon code 5OFF50 at

Better yet…

For a limited time (1/17/2014 – 1/24/2014) you can also receive 10% off eBooks when you use coupon code EBOOK10 at What makes this deal so special is that eBooks are already known to be more inexpensive than textbooks – plus a little extra off never hurt anyone.

The perks of eBooks

In the ePublishers Weekly article “30 Benefits of Ebooks” posted on January 28, 2008 by Michael Pastore, readers are given numerous reasons why eBooks have many advantages over physical books. Here are a few of the arguments given.

  • Once you order your eBook online, it can be downloaded within minutes. This way you don’t have to wait several days for your book to be shipped, which brings me to my next point…
  • You save even more money because you don’t have to worry about shipping or printing costs.
  • The text can be re-sized so if you prefer to read size 48 font – do as you wish!

I’m sure I could go on and on about why you should go for the eBook version of your course textbooks this semester. I think you’d rather head straight over to where you will find the textbooks, eBooks, rentals and study tools you need to survive the semester.

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