CengageBrain.com offering 15% off print rentals PLUS free shipping

A new semester can mean a brand new you. Try new things. Buy new clothes. If you are still ‘undecided’ on a college major, that’s okay. This gives you an opportunity to explore electives and find out what your true passion in life is. Whatever you do, CengageBrain is here to help you with your rental textbook needs.

Our pick of the week

CengageBrain is offering five dollars off your purchase of fifty dollars or more worth of textbooks. Just use coupon code 5OFF50 at CengageBrain.com.


For a limited time (1/10/2014 – 1/17/2014) students will receive 15% off print rental textbooks when you use the coupon code RENT15.


You will also receive FREE round trip shipping with your print rental textbooks when you rent your textbooks from CengageBrain.com.

What makes rental textbooks so unique

It’s not uncommon for students to sign up for a class and drop it later. Maybe you signed up for “What if Harry Potter is Real?” and slowly became frightened that the professor looks way too similar to Lord Voldemort – I can imagine that would leave anyone flustered.

So you end up dropping the Harry Potter class (bummer – because it really sounded awesome), and now you’re stuck with a textbook that you don’t need.

Renting your textbooks from CengageBrain offers a great solution to this problem:

  • If you are unsure of any class and you are waiting to see exactly what it entails before making your decision to drop it, rent the textbook, which costs much less than purchasing a book you’re stuck with at the end of the semester.

We at CengageBrain.com would hate to see you stuck with a book you will end up getting little to no use out of. That is why it is our duty to provide you with the best gear for your brand new school year.

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