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As college students begin their Spring 2014 semester, we at can’t help but wonder whether students have decided to take the digital route with their textbooks or have opted to stick with good old fashioned print textbooks. In case you’re still deciding, we have some great reasons why it would be best for you to stick to the traditional print textbook.

Discounted print textbooks

This week, CengageBrain is offering five dollars off your purchase of fifty dollars or more worth textbooks. Use coupon code 5OFF50 at to take advantage of this deal. Is that it? Nope…we also have a second option for you!

For a limited time (1/24/2014 – 1/31/2014) students can receive 10% off print textbooks when you use the coupon code TEXTBOOK10 at Trust me when I say you will be extremely glad you stuck to print textbooks when your device suddenly decides to crash the night before an important exam – naturally, smack dab in the middle of while you’re re-reading the chapter you’ll be tested on.

More benefits of print textbooks

In “Paper vs digital: Are there benefits to paper textbooks that schools are missing?” posted on September 18, 2013 by Theresa Walsh Giarrusso of, a report showed that when reading on screens people are less likely to use “metacognitive learning regulation,” which are strategies such as setting a goal and checking how well you are understanding along the way.

According to researchers, “it’s not just comprehension but also long-term memory and they find the e-readers make it harder. … with books you get left page and right page and eight corners on which to associate the information. Just like we navigate a map by what comes before and after, you do that with reading. But you can’t do that on an e-reader generally.”

And honestly, not many things in life are more enjoyable than having a physical book in hand!

With that said, this is the perfect time for college students to head over to where you will find the numerous textbooks, eBooks, rentals and study tools to help you achieve success this semester!

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