Job ideas for college students

Holding a job during college can help prepare you for a post-college career.

Holding a job during college can help prepare you for a post-college career.

Many students work while taking classes, whether they’re working their way through school, need some extra spending money or want to add to their resume. Besides working in fast food, there are many other choices and ways to think outside the box for job opportunities on or off campus. Go to your financial aid office and see if they have campus jobs available. Here are some more tips for college students who want work.

Why work during school?

“According to findings by Citi and Seventeen magazine from a 2013 survey, nearly four out of five (almost 80 percent) of college students work while attending college, with the average student clocking in a work load of 19 hours per week,” reported Jon Fortenbury in “Is it wise to work while in college?” posted October 24, 2013 in

There are several reasons why students work:

• Reduce college loan debt. Paying off some debt during your college years may help to reduce high interest rates. It also gives you a lighter debt load once you’re out of school.

• Gain the skills needed in the working world: learn to arrive on time, be responsible, work with colleagues, work for a boss.

• Add experience to your resume. A part-time job in your field looks good on your resume and impresses potential employers.

• Earn spending money. Earning your own money gives you independence and a sense of accomplishment.

On-campus job ideas

There are many jobs on campus that will help you pay off some of your college debt or boost your resume. Ask your financial aid office for open positions. If you want to add to your resume for career-related work, ask your department head what opportunities are available. Here are some on-campus ideas:

• Food service and kitchen assistant.

• Book store sales associate.

• Library assistant.

• Resident assistant. You’ll learn responsibility and management and may even earn discount housing.

• Lab assistant. Help the professors set up lab equipment for class, help students with their lab work during class and clean up after class.

• Tutor or ESL. Tutor other students in your field or help English as a Second Language students improve their English.

• Campus ambassador or tour guide. Show off your love of your school by showing prospective students and their parents around during open house weekends.

• Social media coordinator and data analyzer. Use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress and other platforms to help market your school. Good for advertising and marketing majors.

• Office assistant. Work in the office environment of admissions, alumni, student issues, finance and other business-related situations.

• Sports team manager or trainer’s assistant. For majors in sports medicine or athletic management, gain experience working with athletes. Another job could be working at the check-in desk at the athletic center.

• Theater arts assistant. Build sets, make costumes or props, sell tickets.

Off-campus job ideas

The article “51 possible part-time side jobs for college students,” posted April 9, 2013 at One Cent at a Time blog, offers some off-campus ideas for jobs for college students:

Gym advisor in a local gym – you’ll earn higher wages compared to other part-time jobs. You need to be specializing in this area to qualify.

Baby sitter in your nearby home town.

Blood donation assistant is a great part-time task for students in medical classes.

House painter is a perfect job for students in related careers. However even others can still work if they are flexible and fast learners.

In “Best part-time jobs for college students,” posted September 6, 2012 on, Tim Parker suggests the job of computer tech. “If you’re a technology guru, look for a job either on or off campus as a tech support worker or retail clerk in a computer store. Especially for those pursuing degrees in areas like computer science, tech support can offer valuable insight into the kinds of issues the average computer user encounters. This knowledge is helpful for those who may later develop software applications.”

More ideas for off-campus work:

• hotel desk clerk

• waiter

• barista

• telemarketer

• aerobics instructor

• music instructor

• receptionist

What kind of job would you like to do to earn money or experience during college? Let us know in the comments below!

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