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February is about to approach, and you STILL haven’t gotten your supplies for the Spring 2014 semester? No problem. Life can be hectic and it’s not uncommon for college students to procrastinate (we’re not fools, we know how college works). The good news is that just because you ended up getting a late start on purchasing your school supplies, doesn’t mean all the “good stuff” is already taken. We’re here to tell you how is going to help you.

Show me the deals

This is your last chance to pick between two deals so get them while they last! This week you will receive five dollars off your purchase of fifty dollars or more or textbooks, eBooks, and study tools. Go to and use coupon code 5OFF50 when it comes time to check out.

WAITWe’re not done

For a limited time (1/31/2014 – 2/7/2014) you can use coupon code ECHAPTER50 at to get 2 eChapters for the price of 1! If you’ve been trying to learn the many ways you can use that new device you got for Christmas, here is your perfect opportunity.

While we might be stating the obvious, one reason as to what makes eChapters so great is how convenient they are. These can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and while each textbook you might need is at least an inch thick, you can keep multiple books worth of material in your device – which I can only assume it’s less than one inch thick.

Let’s not forget that eChapters are also a cost-effective learning resource. This way you only have to get as much as you need. If you don’t need the entire book, good news, you don’t have to purchase the entire thing! Plus, it makes it even more great when each eChapter is a fraction of the regular cost.

So there you have it, sometimes the attitude of “working well under pressure” really does pay off. When we say to go get your supplies now, we absolutely mean it. Head to where you will find the textbooks, eBooks, rentals, and study tools to get you through your semester. Your pocketbook will thank you for the savings you came across due to procrastination!

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