Congratulations 2014 Alternative Spring Break Contest Winners!

Back in February we began a search for a group of students, who were willing to spend their spring break serving those in need. Students who were looking to utilize their leadership skills to make an impact in the community for our annual CengageBrain Alternative Spring Break Contest.

Happily, our search has ended successfully! We at are very excited to announce that Grace Rogan and her team of five from The University of Oregon have been awarded the 2014 CengageBrain Leadership in Service Award and $2,500 towards funding their alternative spring break project.

CengageBrain Alternative Spring Break Contest Winners

We couldn’t be happier they won! And based on the smiling faces above… They’re pretty stoked as well! Keep reading to see why…

Their Alternative Spring Break Project:

The team will be pairing with a local middle school to explore the wild and scenic area of the Rogue River. They will co-lead a week-long backpacking trip, set in the Rogue River Wilderness Area, and will explore the subject of working with youth in the outdoors. By assisting in the stewardship of Rogue River Clean-up, the group will help middle school-aged youth with building skills in the areas of conservation and back-country leadership.

Winning CengageBrain Alternative Spring Break Contest Project Along the Rogue River

During this experience, the group will travel by foot with backpacks and restore the scenic Rogue River by clearing trails, removing visitor impact and improving habitat. The $2,500 will help cover food, transportation and other costs for the middle school students so money doesn’t prevent any student from participating in this alternative spring break project.

CengageBrain is proud of the efforts the group from The University of Oregon is putting forth. They exemplify the change we wish to see in the world by making a positive impact in their local community, and we are honored to help them achieve their alternative spring break goal!

Congratulations again to Grace Rogan and team! You’re the 2014 CengageBrain Leadership in Service Award recipients and our alternative spring break heroes!

Stay tuned, more updates and pictures to come!

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