Make your dorm room unique with these organization and storage tips

Turn your dorm room into a unique oasis.

Turn your dorm room into a unique oasis.

Does your college dorm room resemble a disaster area? If you have trouble finding things then it’s time for some college dorm room ideas and organization tips. With a little know-how and inspiration, you can create cool dorm rooms where everything you need can be found easily. Here are a few tips and ideas on how your dorm room can be visually stunning and efficient.

Unique storage solutions

Sometimes you can get an idea from the solutions that others have found. An article for, “13 Clever Space-Saving Solutions And Storage Ideas,” illustrated ideas for kids rooms that just might work well for your college dorm room.

Consider how you could turn these storage solutions into cool dorm rooms:

  • A fold-down changing table that hangs on the wall and includes nooks for diapers, wipes and lotions.
  • A pull-out drawer system built into the bed of a truck. Could you use one of these under your bed?
  • A laundry sorter and storage cabinet that fits in your closet. Shelving could be purchased at your local big box store or home supply outlet.

If you’re on a tight budget, you could just take cardboard boxes and paint them or cover them with colorful contact paper. Then stack them in your closet or on a shelf for storing items or sorting laundry.

Make use of every space

When space is tight it’s time to get creative about using the space you have. Emilie Sennebogen offered several ideas in her article for, “10 Small Space Storage Solutions You Never Knew.”

“For example, a bench by the entryway is much more useful if it also offers storage for umbrellas and boots. […]And coffee tables are nice, but an old trunk with a flip-up lid would be a stylish alternative and the ideal spot to store board games and DVDs,” Sennebogen said.

Other ideas from Sennebogen included:

  • using a pegboard to organize tools and gadgets
  • storing your jewelry in shadowboxes that hang on the wall
  • putting shelving up in corners to take advantage of unused space

When you have the time, check out garage sales and flea markets for affordable baskets, boxes and other items that can be converted into stylish containers to hold your stuff.

Cool dorm room ideas from the experts

Who would know better than The Container Store how to find storage solutions for your college dorm room? In an article, “The Basic Six™” they explained how students can make the most of cramped dorm room spaces.

Ideas for college dorm rooms included:

  • closets: think vertical and use rod doublers to get twice the amount of hanging space.
  • walls & doors: use grids and hook racks attached with adhesive hooks for easy removal.
  • desk: a file cart that fits under the desk can help to organize papers and notebooks.
  • bath: use an over-the-door towel rack for your bath towels.

The writers advised, “Look for every inch of available space and think creatively about how to use it. Look under the bed, over the door, on the walls, on the floor — wherever you can find a bit of open space.”

Cool dorm rooms

If you have a bit of green, then check out for “Sneaky Dorm Room Space-Savers.”

Their cool storage ideas included:

Aussie Pouch Dorm Chair Pocket: hang it on your chair and keep supplies within reach.

Just Hangit Original: a specially designed hanger for jewelry items including earrings.

Bed risers with outlets: you’ll get extra space when you raise your bed plus you can plug in your devices.

Under bed storage boxes: Now that you have more space under your bed, make use of it with storage boxes. Some even come on wheels for easy pull-out.

Stackable baskets: Only have room for one basket? No problem, start stacking and add to your storage space.

Before and after college dorm revamp

In an August 22, 2011, post for, “Small dorm room storage challenged!!” the writer provided before-and-after photos of a dorm room transformation. They went from cramped and dull to cool and organized with a few additions and a little rearranging.

“The size of the room is 12ft x 13ft about 169 square feet. It only had room for one of the desks the school provides. The challenge was creating an environment where the girls would each have a desk, storage room and some space to relax. With some very careful planning we were able to get it all in!” the writer said.

What storage and organizing ideas have worked best for you? Tell us in the comments.

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