Earn $250 per month in Cengage Learning’s 21 Voices research program!

Do you ever feel that, as a college student, your voice is not heard? That schools and companies care more about their own interests than yours? If so, this is a great chance for you to change that by applying for Cengage Learning’s 21 Voices research program!

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What is 21 Voices?

You’re probably wondering what 21 Voices is. 21 Voices is a research program conducted by Cengage Learning to help the company’s employees understand and empathize with college students in order to gain insights into their daily lives. These insights will help employees design and deliver products that both engage and delight students. Here are a few more facts about the program:

  • 21 students across the United States will be selected to participate.
  • Students of different regions, genders and socioeconomic backgrounds will be represented, and each will have different majors, academic and extracurricular interests.
  • 21 Voice’s focus is on the end-to-end lives of the students involved and intended to discover new opportunities to help students succeed.

Apply now for 21 Voices!

Applicants selected to be part of the 21 Voices research program will be paid an honoraria of $250 per month during the time in which they participate in 21 Voices. Participants should expect to spend between half an hour and an hour each week on self-reporting and up to an hour each month interacting with a researcher. To learn more and apply for the 21 Voices research program, visit Cengage Learning’s 21 Voices page.

Student applications will be accepted until August then final selections for the initial 21 Voices research program will be made.

Thanks for taking the time to apply to be part of the 21 Voices research program. We look forward to taking a look at your application!

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    • Nicole Reinard
      Nicole Reinard says:

      Hi Ashley,

      If you’d like to apply for the 21 Voices program, please follow this LINK to the application page. Good luck!

    • Nicole Reinard
      Nicole Reinard says:

      Hi Robert,

      There is still time to apply for a position with 21 Voices. Follow this LINK to the 21 Voices webpage where you fill out the application and submit. Thank you and good luck!


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