Is it too late to land summer internships for college students?

Classes are out and you have a couple of months to fill until life in the dorms resumes. A job would be great, but an internship (whether paid or unpaid) to gain experience would be even better in terms of your long-term future.

Internships are great opportunities to develop your career skills. (Credit: IMDB)

Internships are great opportunities to develop your career skills. (Credit: IMDB)

Need some tips for finding a career-furthering internship during summer break? How about a list of the best, most interesting internship opportunities out there? Finally, is it too late to land summer internships for college students? Read on for answers to all your questions.

Tips for finding summer internships

Finding a job in today’s world can be challenging. Any advantage college students can find to gain experience should be seized, and summer internships offer a definite advantage when it comes to your career search after college. Madeline Leahy offered her “4 Established But Frequently Forgotten Tips For Your Internship Search” on March 29, 2013, for’s Eye of the Intern blog:

1.  Leverage existing relationships. “Instead of finding internships and then looking to see if you know someone at the company, leverage your existing connections first.”

2.  Participate in informational interviews. These can be great for getting knowledge and insights into a field you might be interested in, but don’t ask for a job.

3.  Be strategic with online applications. A mass application is easy for you and also a company. Stand out “by customizing it for the positions you’re applying to and reach out separately to the hiring manager.”

4.  Check out your school’s Career Services Department. Not only can they give you help with crafting a resume, cover letter, etc., they also have connections with businesses looking to hire and offering internship opportunities.

Gain experience — have fun

Looking for something beyond the ordinary when it comes to summer internships for college students? Then you might want to check out “30 Exciting Summer Internships for College & Grad Students” by Elizabeth Hoyt for on March 6, 2014.  She wrote, “Even if your career path is slightly ordinary, there are extraordinary companies that need ordinary jobs fulfilled, transforming the daily description from generic to glamorous.”

Some of the internship opportunities that made Hoyt’s list include an art returns internship with Marvel Entertainment, an internship with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, a MSNBC newsroom internship or summer internships with Surfdog Records. While competition for these summer internships is most likely fierce, know that there are fun options out there for your summer break.

Think ahead

So, summer is upon you, you’ve got some tips on how to land internship opportunities as well as some exciting possibilities to gain experience towards your future career, but can you still find something for this summer break? Vicki Salemi asked “Is it Too Late for College Students to Land Summer Internships?” on May 19, 2014, for Her answer? Yes.

While any job or internship is better than doing nothing during summer break, summer internships for college students that truly allow you to gain experience for a future career are the end goal. And obtaining one of those takes some planning.

Salemi said, “A junior heading into his or her senior year is looking for more meaningful employment than waiting tables and flipping burgers.” If you are a freshman or sophomore take that lesson to heart and don’t expect to put off finding summer internships until the last minute. College students at any level though should be thinking further ahead, not only to actually land internship opportunities, but also so that potential employers aren’t turned off by their lack of forward-thinking.

Do you have a summer internship lined up? If not, will you learn from your mistakes and be better prepared when the next summer break rolls around? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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