10 must-haves for your college survival kit

As you prepare to head off to college next month, you’re probably starting to wonder what in the world is essential for your college survival kit, right? No need to panic. I’ve been in your shoes before so I understand what you’re going through.

A basket of goodies that can be included in your survival kit. (Credit: Jennifer Hernandez/Pinterest)

A basket of goodies that can be included in your survival kit. (Credit: Jennifer Hernandez/Pinterest)

After looking back on the days where I lived in a dorm, I started to remember some of the items I kept in my survival kit that made life in college a little bit easier. Check out my ideas on what you should keep in your college survival kit.

College survival kit essentials

According to The Prospect Staff in “Tp’s college survival kit: 10 things you will actually need,” from July 11, 2013, “This will be the realest of the real college survival kit that is jam-packed with items you might never think of. It will be the most useful thing you read today, so pin it, Facebook it, tweet it, bookmark it, WHATEVER YOU SO DESIRE. Just make sure you keep it readily available to reference.”

In an effort to keep it real with incoming college students, this survival kit offers items that you may not have thought of before.

1.  Power Strips: Easily hook up all of your electronic devices with ease. Most dorm rooms come with one or two wall sockets, and you have to split that with roommates.

2.  Command Hooks: These things claim to be residue free, but beware, sometimes they can peel the paint off the walls. Otherwise, they can be pretty handy.

3.  Hot Pot: Without having to walk to the community kitchen, use this to make ramen noodles, tea, coffee, etc. in the convenience of your own room.

4.  Gas-Ex: Hear me out on this! Cafeteria food can do awful things to your stomach. If you don’t want a fun night out to turn disastrous, these little guys can be lifesaving.

5.  Tide To-Go Pen: When I say this is a life-saver, I really mean it. This is a quick fix for when you spill coffee on your shirt right as you’re leaving for class.

6.  Sewing Kit: Hey, the Freshman 15 is REAL. And you’re probably going to have a few jeans rip, but nothing a little needle and thread can’t fix.

Additional humorous survival kit items

Entering your first year of college is scary enough, which is why having a sense of humor and using comic relief will help you de-stress during tough times. JCiotta at Bright Hub offered some funny ideas on what to include in a college survival kit in “How To Make a Funny College Survival Kit.”

7.  Do Not Disturb Sign: You can get one of these by going to a hotel and politely ask for one, buying one on your own or find other means of getting of one – this sign is good for long homework sessions.

8.  Animal House Poster: You know, the one with John Belushi donning the word “College” across his sweater? Who can’t look at that every day and not laugh?

9.  Toilet Paper: You really never know when you will need this – seriously. If your dorm bathrooms aren’t stocked on a frequent basis, you may need to lean on this as a last resort.

10.  Pre-Stamped Postcards: Okay, okay, I realize people don’t really send letters via snail mail anymore, but I think it needs to make a comeback. I personally love opening my mailbox and seeing a card from a close friend! These are also great for when you want to ask mom and dad to send money.

While there are many, many other items you should keep in your college survival kit, the ones listed definitely will help make your life a little bit easier. In case you need more ideas, check out the Message Boards at MyFitnessPal.com where you can chat with others and offer your own tips on what would be beneficial to keep in your survival kit – or even to give to a friend/family member as a gift!

What are your must have items that you think should be in a college survival kit? Let us know in the comments.

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