Believe it or not, back to school time is near

With Fourth of July in the rearview mirror, it is only a matter of time before you will be heading back to school. Although college students may feel like they just left the dorm and quad behind, summer’s over … almost.

You can make the transition from time off to hitting the books a bit easier with these back to school tips for college students.

Get back in the groove of school

Most likely you have spent some, if not all, of your time out of class relaxing and having a bit of fun. Translation? You’ve been hanging with friends, sleeping late and generally being lazy. You know that will have to be toned down a bit once it is time to go back to school, but you’ll worry about that when the time comes. Wrong! To help college students be better prepared for their return to campus, it is a good idea to start readjusting your schedule in advance.

Four Things You Should Do Now to Get Ready for Back to School” posted on on August 9, 2013, by Melanie Pinola suggests how to make this switch a bit easier. She recommends over at least a one-week period, “Slowly move bedtimes and wakeup times back to what they should be during the school year.” Another tip? Try and figure out where you will be going on campus during the next semester for class, even mapping out your route. 

Get in the right frame of mind

Of course, you might grumble a bit about going back to school, but when summer’s over, you know it is time to get serious about your classes. After all, college helps put you on the right path for your future. “Back to School Tips for College Students” posted on Sterling Housing’s website on August 12, 2013, has some back to school tips for college students on how to make the grade:

  • Figure out how you want to keep track of assignments—whether that’s an app, a planner or a giant calendar.
  • Decide on a spot to always put all your books and supplies, so you won’t have to scramble to find them.
  • Embrace your daily class routine. Skip and you might miss something important.
  • Determine an area to study where you will be able to focus and concentrate; one that has minimal distractions.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to complete assignments. If you put something off, it may take longer than you expect and you could be setting yourself up for failure.
  • Ask questions when you don’t understand something.
  • Finally the site suggests, “Look for ways to earn extra points. Take advantage of the school’s resources. If you are struggling in a course, join a study group or get a tutor. Talk to your academic adviser.”

Get a sense of humor

Most of all, remember to have a sense of humor. Not only about going back to school, but about life in general.  Susanna Wolff offers her humorous tips for college students on how to prep for going back to campus when summer’s over in “7 Easy Ways to Get Yourself Ready to Go Back to School” from posted on July 28, 2008.

  • Make your parents fix multiple dinner options to help you remember what dining hall eating is like.
  • Throw a pre-game party in your room before heading out to a nearby high school party.
  • Start wearing your flip-flops in the shower.
  • For those 21 and older, practice reciting your social security number after a drink or two.
  • Set your alarm again so you remember what the sound is like.
  • Buy $200 worth of books. Don’t read any of them. Bemoan the fact that you just blew 200 bucks unnecessarily,” Wolff wrote.
  • And finally—pack.

You may not be ready to think about going back to school quite yet, but when you are ready these tips will help make the change a bit easier.

Are you ready to head back to campus yet? Share your back to school tips in the comments now that summer’s almost over.

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