Geeky gadgets and other cool stuff you need for college

It’s a new school year and time to get your geek on. There are plenty of must-have gadgets and other cool stuff from which to choose  so much that it’s going to be hard to decide which new tech gadgets to buy.

With so many gadgets on the market, it's tricky to decide which one would be best for you. (Credit: Quick Meme)

With so many gadgets on the market, it’s tricky to decide which one would be best for you. (Credit: Quick Meme)

Whatever your budget, there are geeky gadgets that will satisfy your life hacks ambitions. Let’s take a look at some high tech and low tech ideas for your next semester.

Cool stuff and geeky gadgets

Let’s start off with a list of “36 Cool and Creative Life Hacks for Geeky College Students,” from the staff at

Do you like to tape record class lectures or your own notes? Use a program like Audacity or VLC media player to play back your files at twice the normal speed. You’ll save lots of time when reviewing material.

The writers also recommend that you invest in a good laptop lock because in their words, “College = basically a den of thieves.”

Another suggestion that is not so techie but is oh so cool is to use the sticky edge of post-it notes to clean out gunk from between keyboard keys. Neat, huh?

High tech low tech

There doesn’t have to be a lot of bells and whistles to qualify a geeky gadget as techie. Sometimes simpler is better. Consider a few of the ideas from the writers at In their article, “30 Cool and Creative Life Hacks to Help Geeks Organize Things,“ they offer up some affordable and useful ideas.

Consider these ideas for your dorm room:

  • Velcro: this handy piece of low tech can keep your remotes and anything else you need close at hand. Just put strips where you need them: your coffee table, night stand or desk, for example.
  • Tech manuals: whenever you buy a new tech device, be sure to download the manual that goes with it. Better yet, store that manual in the cloud. You never know when the company may go out of business or discontinue that item.
  • Sock cord wrangler: cut a hole in the toe of a sock and run your electric cords through it. That will ensure that you don’t have cords running all over the place and getting under foot.
  • Command hooks: these handy hooks can be placed inside a cupboard or closet. Use them to store the cords that you use less often in a place where they won’t clutter up your room.

When it comes to mail, the writers suggest that you keep a mail holder attached to the side of a table or desk. Have a trash can nearby so that you can ditch junk mail as soon as it comes in. The less paper you have to deal with the better.

Geeky gadgets to invest in

If you have a few dollars that you can use to buy your gadgets, take a look at these “13 Gadgets the 1 Percent Should Take to College,” from Marine Cole at In this July 18, 2014, post Cole describes some unique items worth opening your piggy bank for.

Cole’s list of gadgets included:

  • Carrera foldable bike helmet: fits in your purse.
  • Google Glass: at about $1,500 this item may not be at the top of your list but if you crave the highest of high tech, this is the device for you.
  • Smartpen: there are several types of smartpens that will record as you write and may also record your voice. The Livescribe 3 will connect to your iPad and upload your notes.
  • Smart watch: for about $200 you can get a high tech watch that lets you answer email, send texts and even listen to music.

Prices on these devices can be pretty high but apparently quite a few college students are willing to open their wallets to buy the best in cool stuff for school.

According to Cole, “The average college student and their family will spend $916.48 this year on dorm furniture, school supplies and electronics, up 10 percent from last year, and totaling $48.4 billion in college spending for the year, according to the National Retail Federation’s 2014 Back-to-School Survey.”

Whatever your budget, there is plenty of cool stuff you can use to make your next semester easier and more fun.

What’s your recommendation for useful or fun geeky tech gadgets? Tell us in the comments.

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