Top 10 summer life hacks

According to the Urban Dictionary, a life hack is “A tool or technique that makes some aspect of one’s life easier or more efficient.” Sign me up, right? And what better time than summer to make your life easier?

Summer is the perfect time to make life feel a whole lot easier. (Credit: Memes Landing)

Summer is the perfect time to make life feel a whole lot easier. (Credit: Memes Landing)

But if you have ever Googled life hack you know there is a lot of silly and just plain weird advice floating out there in the name of making your life easier. So forget the bagel carriers and get prepared for the top 10 summer life hacks.

Stay cool this summer

The key to having a great summer for most people? Not sweating your butt off. Here are some life hacks to achieve a cooler summer that Peggy Wang posted in “These Life Hacks Will Get You Through This Disgusting Hot Summer” on July 24, 2013, for BuzzFeed:

1.  Easy air conditioner. Put a bottle of frozen water in front of a fan. Sit directly in front of the fan for a fast way to chill out.

2.  Protect your pooch. Even Fido needs some heat protection, so slip toddler socks on his paws when the pavement is scorching.

3.  Giant drink cooler. Need something to chill down your beverages of choice? Use a pool raft, fill it with ice and load it up with your drink bottles and cans.

Looking good

Just because it is hot outside doesn’t mean all attempts to look good should melt away. You can stay stylish during the steamy summer months with these tips offered by Connie Chan in “6 Life Hacks You Need to Know This Summer,” posted May 13, 2014, for

4.  Apply deodorant at night.  This will give the ingredients a better chance to be absorbed. You can always add an extra layer in the morning, too. Sweaty is not stylish.

5.  Sunburn relief. “Combine equal parts milk, water, and ice cubes in a bowl. Soak a dishtowel in the mixture and press it onto the burned area for five minutes.” Chan wrote that the ice will reduce the swelling from the sunburn, while the fat and protein in the milk help combat the inflammation.

6.  Remove sweat stains. Bummed because your favorite shirt is sporting some heavy-duty sweat stains? Mix equal parts lemon and water, and scrub that into the stained spot. Then you can wash the shirt like normal. Want to bump up the stain removal even more? Air-dry the shirt in the sun. The sun will boost the stain removing power of the citric acid from the lemon.

7.  Fight blisters. Shoes giving you blisters? Put deodorant on the spot that is getting rubbed the wrong way to minimize the moisture and friction that creates the blister. 

Keeping fed

Last, but not least, summer is all about picnics and cool treats, right? But wouldn’t it be nice to have some life hacks to make those experiences a little neater and easier? “These Awesome Life Hacks Will Improve Your Summer” by Adam Dachis for on July 30, 2013, offers some great suggestions:

8.  Always cold drinks. Fill a water bottle half way with water, lay it on its side and freeze. Once frozen, add in your favorite beverage for an instant icy drink.

9.  No drip popsicles. Stick a cupcake liner on the popsicle stick below your icy treat to catch any drips and keep your hands from getting sticky.

10.  Make a condiment tin. Instead of lugging all those bottles and jars out for your picnic, put condiments in the cups of a muffin tin. Less to carry and only one thing to clean.

Now you are ready for a fun, cool, stylish and yummy summer with these top 10 life hacks. Enjoy!

Got any easy tips to make summer more easy, breezy? Let us know in the comments.

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