Take 10% off print textbooks for a limited time at CengageBrain.com

Have you started making a list of everything you need to accomplish before the Fall semester begins? Be sure to add CengageBrain.com to that list for all of your back-to-school needs!

If you’re anything like me, you’re better off completing each task on that list as soon as you can so you can enjoy what’s left of the summer season – despite how painful it is to remind yourself that the seasons are changing! Head on over to CengageBrain now and see how they can make your back-to-school experience a little bit easier.

Print textbooks at a discounted rate

This week, CengageBrain is offering five dollars off your purchase of fifty dollars or more worth of textbooks. Use coupon code URBOOKS at CengageBrain.com to take advantage of this deal… And we’re not done yet!

For one week only (8/15/2014 – 8/22/2014) student can receive 10% off print textbooks when you use coupon code TEXTBOOK10 at CengageBrain.com. As an always reliable source, print textbooks are amazing in that they don’t require batteries. In turn, you’ll never have to worry about them crashing when you’re working on your next research paper or studying for an exam. That’s just the beginning.

Benefits of print textbooks

Other than being the traditional way to learn about subjects, there are many advantages as to why print textbooks are the best choice to get you through your semester.

  • You have the option of loaning and owning your book to a classmate: Once your class is complete, if you find that there are lessons you will want to follow up on in the future, you can do so. Or if a classmate happens to misplace their textbook, you can be a good friend and let them borrow it.
  • Textbooks are a single-tasking device: With the latest technology allowing us to do so many things on one device, print textbooks have the advantage because they provide fewer distractions.

According to the post “5 Reasons Books Are Better Than E-Books” from Tim Challies’ blog Challies.com, August 17, 2010, “As devices go, a book is unique – there is nothing else quite like it. An e-book reduces a book to just its words, it strips out any sort of tactile experience, and makes turning a page that same experience as playing a video game or shuffling music. It makes a book a whole lot less than it ought to be.”

In summary, nothing feels better than having a physical book in hand!

With the Fall semester right around the corner, now is when you need to head to CengageBrain.com and cross one more to-do item off your list. Don’t forget about the eBooks, rentals and study tools that are also available. If you love the feel of good old fashioned print textbooks, this is the perfect opportunity for you!

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