Getting organized and getting the grade: The hidden connection

One thing I notice in many college students is how they sometimes just don’t know how to balance out their hectic lives. Does this sound familiar to you? As an insanely organized person, I feel it is my personal responsibility to help shed some light on how much easier your life can be by being organized – in fact, it can even help you get good grades!

Make the most out of your college experience with our tips on how being organized and getting good grades are intertwined.

Secret ingredient to being organized

One word… MindTap! What exactly is that? It’s what helps college students turn the light on better grades, ease of use and mobility. Here are a few features of MindTap:

  • MindTap Reader: no more searching for highlighters and notebooks. MindTap Reader lets you highlight and take notes directly online, right within the pages (this is considered the favorite feature among college students)
  • Mobile App: the new MindTap Mobile App is made for today’s student – providing the mobility and flexibility to make any time study time
  • Flashnotes and Study Tools: peer-to-peer facilitated through the innovative marketplace help students boost both grades and income

Being able to access all your course materials and study tools from ONE spot is such a convenience, and you don’t even have to worry about carrying around all your textbooks – talk about being seriously organized! And with so much to do with so little time, you have the option to use the ReadSpeaker to listen to the material when reading is not available to you (like when you’re walking from class to class). Let’s say you want the print version instead, no problem! You can also print your materials and go!

Leave your frustrations behind and let MindTap break the boundaries of the traditional course experience. Once you start letting MindTap keep you organized, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to try it. So, what are you waiting for? Try MindTap today!

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