Why you should log into MindTap

I’m guessing you already know how digital learning solutions help improve your grades, but now there’s proof that it works – MindTap in particular! Below is an infographic with an overview of how MindTap is important in your college education.


Through the surveys, users of MindTap shared how they benefitted from the program in their study habits and success. You’ll also see other fun facts about current college students, including their digital habits, why earning a college degree is so important, and more!

What else to know about MindTap

  1. Has MindTap been assigned for your course? Students can text LEARN to 80565 to find and register for your MindTap course.
  2. Want to study for your MindTap course on your smartphone? Download the MindTap mobile app, available for iOS and Android.
  3. Ready to learn from (and with) your peers? MindTap makes it easy! Check out Flashnotes.com, accessible within MindTap. At this online marketplace, you can gain access to course-specific, student-to-student study materials such as study guides, notes, flashcards, video tutorials and live video help.

To learn more about MindTap, visit their site today.

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