How to enjoy college football game day on campus

I’ll admit it; I’ve never been the biggest football fan. I blame this partly because I’d rather spend my Saturdays and Sundays doing anything but sitting on the couch watching men run up and down a field.

Enjoy the college football season! (Credit:

Enjoy the college football season! (Credit:

However, there is something to be said about the camaraderie that is built when you go to a home, or even an away, football game to cheer on your school. Here are some tips to surviving, and thriving during college football season!

How to get the most of #gameday

I’ve recently become a huge fan of Twitter. I know, a little late to the game. However, if you haven’t jumped on board yet either you can start by checking out hashtags for your football team. Here are some to explore:

Don’t forget that you can search on Twitter for your specific team’s tag or make up your own for the upcoming game. #MSUvsAF would be a good hashtag for this weekend’s game of Air Force at Michigan State University. Or catching the coverage after the game, you can check in with these users:

  • @BleacherReport
  • @CFB (College Football)
  • @ESPNCFB (ESPN’s college football coverage)
  • @SportsEqualLove (NCAAF Nation)

How to enjoy football on campus

You don’t need me to tell you how to enjoy a football game with your friends, but you do need to know how to be safe while doing so. There are many ways to enjoy the game and tailgating experience without drinking. Tailgating with friends who have gone before is a good place to start. They’ll know all the best spots to set up and what games to bring. Some ideas for your tailgate:

  • Bring games to set up and challenge your buds: Bags, ladder ball and bocce ball are popular lawn games (if you have the space). But have you heard of fowling (a combination of bowling and football)? Fowling can be played with bowling pins (or milk cartons) and a football. Easy peasy. explains the rules of this game.
  • Don’t forget your favorite team’s gear: Football gear isn’t just for the boys these days! There are plenty of designs made just for women! Check out these online retailers or try your own hand at sewing: LoveMyGameDress, GameDayChicClothing, and SimplySquid headbands and accessories.

Be safe

If you’re not yet 21, you need to understand the consequences of what being caught drinking, or being drunk, can do to your college experience. Some colleges are notorious for handing out MIPs to underage drinkers. You DO NOT want to be a statistic. If you want to have a successful college career, do yourself a favor and stay safe. Northern Arizona University outlines their policies regarding possession. Each state may have different laws so it’s best to check with your college or university’s website for information.

Last of all

Even if football isn’t your thing, exploring all that college has to offer is kind of the point of going, right? So, grab your face paint, some nachos and your best buds and enjoy your weekends! Don’t forget to learn your school’s fight song!

Do you have any tips for the college football game day rookie? Post them in the comments below!

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