Outwit your roommate: Snag the best study spot on campus

Finding the best study spot on campus should be one of your top priorities going into each semester. That way, when you’re struggling to study in your dorm while your roommate blasts their music (unless of course you focus better with a little noise) you can get the heck out and know exactly where to go.

Here we offer some ideas on where you should study – and we don’t recommend you tell anyone about them. [Hint: Areas where WiFi is available]

Our 5 top study spots

1. Grad/undergrad libraries: This can be tricky, but there are ways to get your study on distraction-free. Don’t go to areas where you know you’ll see hundreds of people, several of which you know and will strike up a conversation with. Find a quiet, comfortable area, or even a private room you can rent out.

2. Coffee shop: Again, you could run into people you know here. Know your coffee shop options and find one that’s a bit further from campus if possible. Then you know it’s less likely for you to be distracted by others. And, bonus, you’re near caffeine! Woohoo!

3. Outside in nature: If you’re an individual who opted to attend a college in a warm environment, kudos! (Seriously, why didn’t I think of that?) Head outside and get your dose of vitamin D while you absorb information during your study sessions. Again, make sure you have WiFi access so you can access all your digital learning tools!

4. Campus dining hall: I’m fully aware this is a high traffic area, BUT you can always set up camp during off-peak meal hours. Head there towards the end of a lunch shift, grab a protein-filled snack and get to work! You’ll also have plenty of workspace available to you too.

5. Writing/tutoring centers: Most colleges have space where students can go to for help with writing or tutoring. Even if you don’t need help with the following, there is usually still space available for students to sit back and study. Always be sure to ask if you can work in their space.

There are a handful of great study spots on or near campus where you can get focused and motivated. So next time you’re trying to find a good spot to study, consider one of our ideas!

Go Digital. Get Ahead.

What other study spots do you find you get the most work done? Share them with us in the comments.

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