Looking for a little R&R this Spring Break?

The whole point of Spring Break is to enjoy a time of rest and relaxation. But almost since the idea of Spring Break began, college students have been seeking out fun ideas to make the most of their week away from classes.

Take some time to explore during spring break this year.

Take some time to explore during spring break this year.

No matter what your budget, read on for my best suggestions for creating a week to remember.

Fun spring break ideas

If you want to maximize your fun this Spring Break, you can’t go wrong with a road trip. Grab your group of friends, find a ride, pack some snacks and create a playlist. Of course you can be a Spring Break traditionalist and head to a nearby beach, but if you’re too far away, then choose a destination sans the surf. Maybe a cool, nearby big city, with lots of museums and nightlife to explore, interests you. If you live in a snowy part of the country, why not embrace it and enjoy some winter outdoor activities? The key to a Spring Break is having a little imagination and making the most of wherever you are.

Another option from our fun ideas grab bag is to plan a road trip to attend a concert. If your fave group is playing somewhere during your Spring Break, there’s no better time to turn that into an adventure with a friend or two.

Give back

Credit: DTZones.com

Credit: DTZones.com

Of course if you are one of those do-gooder kind of college students, you could use your Spring Break to give back to someone in need. Volunteer with local groups that serve your community. Start with homeless shelters or the nearby Habitat for Humanity chapter. Many colleges and universities even have volunteer opportunities that they coordinate and promote. Find out what your school may offer during Spring Break.

On a smaller scale, if you can’t leave town for Spring Break, you could use that time for a bit of spring cleaning. Once you have gone through all your things, you may find you have enough stuff for a yard sale. Turn it into an event and add in a few friends for a day to hang together while making a couple of bucks.

Engage your brain

Last, but it shouldn’t be least, Spring Break is a great time for college students to engage in a little self-improvement. For starters you could use the time to catch up on all the “fun” reading that you haven’t been able to do while you are cramming for classes.

Maybe reading isn’t your idea of rest and relaxation. Spring Break also offers you a chance to kick off a new you with a renewed commitment to eating right and working out. Use this time to try out a more clean diet or establish a workout routine. Finally if you are the crafty, DIY type you can use your Spring Break to break out your supplies for those projects you have been hoarding while classes are in session.

What are your fun ideas or plans for Spring Break this year? Let us know in the comments.

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