You ask, we answer: Dude, where are my papers?!

Dear J,

It’s almost the end of the quarter and my professor has not given back ANY papers or assignments! Multiple classmates have emailed him and expressed the same concern but have received a response. How are we supposed to know how to improve on papers if we don’t get feedback?

Give me advice!

-Ariana M

Oh man!

This is a tough one. The important thing to remember is to remain calm and not put yourself on the professor’s bad side by being demanding. You may be frustrated that you have not received any feedback on your papers, but there is definitely a right way to go about this. First, try emailing. Very cordially ask if there is any feedback that they can give you to improve your overall quality of work. This will demonstrate that you are trying to improve as a student and not from feedback from a specific assignment. If you get no response this way, ask them in person. Again, instead of asking for a specific assignment, ask them if you can come to office hours to get some pointers on your quality of papers. Plan it a week in advance so that they are sure to review your work as a point of reference for feedback. Just remember that professors have a lot going on too, and they can sometimes fall behind just like students can. Be respectful and polite and if the issue persists, it may be time to talk to the head of the department or someone who can help you communicate with your professor.

Hope this helps!


Has anyone ever had a class where you literally never got any of your papers or assignments back?

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