You can make pancakes in your dorm room! Here’s how

One of the great things about summer vacation is having time in the morning to make pancakes if I feel like it. No breakfast beats homemade pancakes with real maple syrup! But you don’t have to give up pancakes when you move back to your dorm room in the fall.

You don't have to give up pancakes while living in the dorms. (Credit: Garlic My Soul)

You don’t have to give up pancakes while living in the dorms. (Credit: Garlic My Soul)

For college students, access to homemade pancakes can be a challenge, but check out these pancake recipes that offer some awesome life hacks to fresh pancakes right in your dorm.

Fried egg and pancake pockets

Credit: Dorm Room Meals

Credit: Dorm Room Meals

So, my pancake recipes are usually pretty boring: I just use what comes off the back of the Bisquick box (although I admit to going for the “supreme” recipe with the extra vanilla, sugar, and baking powder).

The problem is, if you don’t have easy access to a stovetop, it’s tough to make regular pancakes. However, if you’ve got some other supplies in your dorm room—like a sandwich grill—you can have a pancake and egg breakfast to make the rest of your hall jealous.

This recipe for “Fried Eggs and Pancake Pockets” comes from D. Patrick of Dorm Room Meals. You only need two ingredients: 2 eggs, and 1 bottle of instant pancake mix. (I imagine it could work with a wet mix from scratch or the box, too!) Check it out!

The pancakes take 5 minutes to cook, and eggs cooked for that long will get really well done. So, test out a couple of lengths that work for you: put in the pancakes for a minute or two, then open up the grill to add the eggs.

Voila! Your own pancakes and eggs for breakfast. And with a whole bottle of pancake batter available in your mini-fridge, you can always make seconds!

Pancakes in a mug

Credit: Natsuko Mazany

Credit: Natsuko Mazany

Don’t have a sandwich grill? What about a microwave? Even if you don’t have one in your dorm room, most college students have access to a microwave somewhere in the dorm. In “Clean Eating Dorm Room Pancakes,” Tiffany of The Gracious Pantry offers some life hacks for making microwave pancakes in a mug.

There are some legendary stories from my college about a student who locked himself in a closet and wouldn’t come out until he’d made the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. Using an iron. I don’t advise that! But definitely give some of these pancake recipes a try!

What other life hacks do you have for cooking in the dorm? Tell us in the comments.

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