Optimize your studying with these 3 apps

Ahhhhh, why are you reading this blog right now? Shouldn’t you be taking a final exam or preparing for one right now?! Well if you’re reading this blog maybe you need a little help from some technology friendly studying apps that will help get that A you are striving for!

The great thing about the apps I am about to share is that they are all easily accessible either on your mobile device or your computer.

1. Quizlet: it’s much more than flash cards online. The flashcards are not just any ordinary flashcards. On Quizlet there is so much you can do to the flashcards; make a note on which ones you need to review more, write words in other languages, have them read aloud to you, and search keywords to find note cards students have already made. Writing words in other languages is amazing for studying another language, it was a life saver for me when I took Spanish.

Besides the flashcard aspect of Quizlet, there are so many features such as matching games, practice tests, spelling, and learning tool. The matching games help if you want to add a little fun while you are studying for finals but also helps with speed. If your test is timed this is perfect for you. The practice test takes all the flashcards you made and turns them into a test. You can choose from multiple choice, true or false, written test, or a combination of all three. The spelling tool says a word aloud and shows you the definition. The learning tool shows you the definition and you type out the right answer. While Quizlet offers so many great features for free, there is a premium feature such as adding images, your own voice to the text, and other features.

2. Study Blue: it’s like Quizlet but much more personalized. While making your flashcards you can add color, pictures, and your own audio for free. Through studying and flipping through the flash cards you either “thumb up it” if you got it right or “thumbs down it” if you get it wrong. This feature will help because you can organize your cards by the hardest, or least studied. On Study Blue, you can also print review sheets and have practice quizzes just like Quizlet. As with most programs, there are always extra fees. If you want the premium version of Study Blue you can search for classes and make any study guide you find your own, you can also have unlimited study guides if you do the yearly payment option.

3. MindTap: it does all the hard work for you so all you have to do is study! Mind Tap is an app that takes materials straight from the Cengage textbook you are reading and makes flashcards and practice quizzes. Unlike the other two apps, this app is completely free with a Cengage access code with no hidden fees. My favorite part of MindTap is the Study Tool section. In the study section, you can choose between flashcards and practice quizzes. On the flashcards, there are already premade cards for that section, and you can add your own if the professor covered something that was not in the book. When going through these cards you can check if you mastered it. When studying the set again you can choose from the cards you did not master, the ones you mastered, or both. This way you can optimize your studying.

The practice quizzes come up with multiple big points from the text and turns them into multiple choice questions. Both tools don’t require any extra work, the textbook helps you prepare, and you don’t have to make your own flashcards unless you want to. On the app, it tells you what activities your professors assigned and you can personalize your notifications to notify when something happens. The last thing that I love about this is that you can download the book onto your phone within minutes and you can access it everywhere and anywhere even if you are offline!

Overall these apps helped me raise my grades on tests. A little bit of studying can go a long way. Quizlet is great if you want to search different flash cards or make your own, Study Blue is great for adding pictures to your flashcards and touching it up with a bit of color, and Mind Tap is great because it gets the information right from the book and it does all the flashcards for you, so all you have to do is study! So next time it’s time to study for an exam I encourage you to try one of these apps to optimize your studying!

Are there other studying apps you recommend when preparing for final exams? Share them with us in the comments, and good luck on your finals!


Jennifer is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education at Missouri State University. After graduating in Spring 2018, she plans on furthering her education to earn a master’s degree in Administration. Her career goal is to become an elementary school principal or open up her own preschool. Jennifer is excited to work at Cengage as a Student Ambassador!

Jennifer has a very outgoing personality! She has a heart for animals, loves spending time with her family and loves to be involved in organizations on campus. She is currently an honored member of Centennial Leaders (a highly competitive leadership organization), Senator on the sustainability committee for the Student Government Association, and Vice President of the Animal Rights Club (a club founded by her and her sister). Jennifer commutes from home because she loves every minute being with her family. She goes on many different memorable adventures with her family. Being connected on campus and helping other students are two of Jennifer’s biggest passions, which make her a great asset to the Cengage family!

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