6 DIY ideas to cure boredom over winter break

It’s winter break. If you’re not doing a J-term, don’t have a job, and don’t have any studying to do, you may be running out of ideas to keep yourself busy. While winter break can be a great time to catch up on sleep and relaxation, if you’re like me, you can only go for so long before you’re itching to get busy again.

Tackle some DIY projects to prevent winter break boredom. (Credit: SCHC)

Tackle some DIY projects to prevent winter break boredom. (Credit: SCHC)

Whether you need DIY ideas to cure boredom, or are itching to do some DIY crafts while you have access to the family craft supplies, check out these ideas on what to do with winter break.

1. DIY Movie Marathon

Sure, you want to be active and productive, but you also want to binge watch and relax. Try planning a movie or TV series marathon with some local friends. Whether these are old DVDs from your personal collection or the latest streaming episodes, you can spend three, six, or nine hours hanging out, having some party-centric foods (my sister threw a fantastic Avengers-themed movie marathon night, complete with themed food: a fruit platter in the shape of Captain America’s shield, and glow in the dark ice cubes in the punch that looked like the Tesseract. You can check out Pinterest for a ton of party food ideas (not all of them quick or easy DIYs, but all creative).

2. DIY novel revision

When Daniel Chinitz posted the idea of rewriting Around the World in 80 Days as Around the World in Just Over Three Weeks in “10 ideas for the winter break” on Badger Herald, I’m pretty sure it was a joke. But you actually could try a creative writing exercise, tackling a favorite old book and rewriting it to an updated setting (with casting that’s more up to date than #OscarsSoWhite). If you’re not keen on a revision, you could always tackle a writing project that’s just for you, not for your creative writing prof. #NaNoWriWinterBreak?

3. Start a blog

I’ve read a few blogs (sometimes to get ideas for CengageBrain!) started by college students while they’re still in college. Some of these slice-of-life posts have been really helpful to me in getting advice from undergrads about college life. Others are on more diverse topics, like cooking or diversity in the media. If you have a passion, consider blogging about it!

4. DIY coding projects

Jessica Cam Wong over at MakeUseOf mentioned a couple of those writing projects, but paired them with learning to code, or starting a DIY project or laptop hack, in her article, “5 Fun Project Ideas For Your Winter Break.” While I’m not sure I’m at a point where I can jump into a new language, coding is one of those skills that is increasingly useful in the post-college world. And from the looks of some of the projects Wong references, it could be really fun, too!

5. DIY button-down shirt pillow

Looking for DIY crafts that are a little more traditionally crafty? Try this “DIY no-sew shirt pillow tutorial” from Pam at House of Hawthornes. You will need:

  • Button-down shirts
  • Pillow forms (or old pillows that need recovering)
  • Iron-on fusible bonding tape
  • Scissors
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Chalk

Pam guided readers through the whole process, from ironing wrinkled shirts to tracing the size of the pillow with chalk, then cutting the fabric and using the bonding tape to seal the sides of the pillow together.

6. Get ready for what comes next

Okay, this probably seems like the least fun, but it’s a good idea to get a grip on what’s next before you head back after winter break. Make sure your classes for next semester are in order. Buy your books. You could even peek ahead and read your books. If you’ve got a syllabus in advance, read through it. Update your resume for internship applications and go ahead and submit some applications for summer internships—especially if you’re applying for a gig closer to your parents’ house than campus.

How are you spending your winter break? Tell us in the comments.

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