4 Ways To Go Green on Your Campus

Being a college student can not only be expensive, but it can be very wasteful as well. The plastic water bottles you bring to class each day and the paper cup full of coffee you throw away can add up each day and each semester.

Our generation can make a difference in the environment now, and here are some ways you can do this on your campus:

1. Purchase a Reusable Cup

When purchasing coffee or other beverages, a reusable cup can be utilized to save wasteful plastic cups from being thrown in the trash. Look for the bottles with no BPA and that are dishwasher safe.

2. Buy the E-book version of your Cengage Textbook

Not only can you save hundreds of dollars a semester buying the online version of a book, but you can also save pounds of added weight in your book bag! This is super helpful, and it also saves the thousands of pages that go to waste when a paper book is no longer used. If you have not yet tried an online book, I highly recommend it. You could use the MindTap app and carry your book with you everywhere you go, and you can also make online notecards, highlights, and notes online.

3. Get involved in Your Community

At Ohio State, there are so many different environmental groups that help sort campus trash and compost and also fight for recycling and reuse on campus. They are also advocates for recycling initiatives and other go green projects around the community. I guarantee you can find a group on your campus to help get involved with the environmental initiatives. If you don’t wish to join a club, Earth Day is April 22 and you can help out around the community in local cleanup and other projects.

4. Take shorter showers

As much as it feels nice to sit in a hot shower after a long day of classes, overuse of water can deplete natural water sources in the environment. For those who live in dorms, the reality of water usage is not thought about because residents are not directly paying for their water bills and seeing how much they use. Think about it this way: if everyone in your dorm or neighborhood of about 500 people cut their shower time about 10 minutes, the amount of water that could be saved is about 10,500 gallons each day.

The list goes on as there are immense ways to be conscious about the environment in your community. If we are constantly wasteful, we will reap the percussions in a few short years. Just as your decisions in college will greatly affect your future, so will the way you treat the environment.

How else do you go green on your college campus? Share your ideas in the comments!


Natalie is a neuroscience major on a pre-medical track at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. She is a member of Nu Rho Si, a neuroscience honor society and is also a member of the organization Ohio Health Aid. With her degree, she plans to attend medical school at The Ohio State University and eventually become a Neurologist.

Apart from her school extracurricular activities, Natalie enjoys spending her time jogging around campus, meeting new people, and playing sand volleyball with her intramural team. She is also passionate about health and helping others, which is why she wishes to pursue a personal training certification. Apart from helping others in fitness, Natalie also loves helping others achieve their academic goals, which is why she pursued a job as a student ambassador. She is excited to represent the company and to be a part of the Cengage Team!

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