Advice I Would’ve Given Myself in High School

As I progress to my second semester of college, I have been reflecting a lot on my high school career and all the things I would’ve done differently. These things include academic endeavors and even social events that I would or wouldn’t have gone to.

So, without further ado, here is some advice that I would’ve given myself in high school.

1. Enjoy my high school experience much more.

When I think back on high school, all I ever did was study and go to work. I never actually got to go out with my friends much or even go to sporting events.

2. Not care what anyone thinks of me.

Much of my high school career included me getting up super early in the morning to get dressed and look decent for class. I now know that it was a complete waste of my time and I could’ve been sleeping in later.

3. Not take all those AP classes.

Sure, they looked good for college applications, but I did not even need those courses for college! Plus, the stress of those classes was not worth it.

4. Spend more time with my family.

Now don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed making money by working during my high school years, but I also wish that I would’ve spent my free time at home instead of out with people who I don’t even speak to now.

5. Know it’s okay to not be the top of my class.

I always thought that I would work so hard in high school and I would eventually become the valedictorian. So, I worked myself to death in high school trying to be the top of the class. I always felt inferior to my fellow peers who had 6.0 GPAs and I “just had a 4.0”. Now I am in college working towards doing something I love, and I didn’t have to be on top to get here, I just showed a little hard work and dedication.

6. Lastly, surround myself with more positivity.

Throughout high school there were always people telling me that I couldn’t do what I truly wanted to do and at times I believed them. It was difficult to do my best when there were people telling me that it wasn’t enough. Instead of letting these people get to me, I would’ve just brushed it off and kept doing me!!

At the end of the day, I am happy where I am in life even though I would’ve changed these few things throughout high school.

Tell us in the comments what advice you would’ve given yourself back in high school!


Victoria Costner is a first year student at East Carolina University where she is working towards getting a degree in social work. After she gets her bachelor’s degree in social work she will do the advanced masters degree program and get her masters in social work in just one year. After college Victoria plans to go on and be a school social worker. Victoria is also passionate about helping others and trying to make a difference in the lives of those around her. Outside of class Victoria enjoys participating in hall government and spending time with her friends and family. She became a Student Ambassador so she could get the chance to help her peers succeed in their classes. Victoria is excited to be apart of the Cengage family and can’t wait to put her skills to use.

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