Got Senioritis? Survival Tips For Your Last Semester

When that final semester of college rolls around, it can be hard to stay focused, much less interested, in your classes. If you are like most college students, including myself, you feel like you have got this one locked up. In the bag. Done and done. Basically you have that feeling of wanting to blow off everything that you had at the end of high school, except now it is back with a vengeance because the next stop is the real world.

But you can get through senioritis, without tanking your GPA or alienating your friends, with some hard-learned survival tips. Read on.

What does senioritis mean to you?

For some college students hearing the words “last semester” instantly makes them want to start skipping class and dodging assignments. However, there is another style of senioritis that doesn’t always get the same attention—the pressure side of the equation to finish well and land a great job. Both can be a challenge and can cause you severe stress. My college friends and I experienced both types, and we didn’t always handle it so well. So maybe you can learn from our mistakes.

To start, don’t let senioritis take control. While you may think you are a lock for graduation, blow off too many classes and you may find yourself having to add another semester on to your schedule to undo the damage. The flip side is you can stress out trying to make everything perfect, and you miss your last chance for fun with the people you’ve been closest to for four years.

Achieving a balance

So how can a normal college student find their way between being so chill you stop attending class and so stressed you underline textbooks in your sleep? Here are my survival tips for walking the emotional tightrope that is your last semester:

  • Take care of yourself. Really most things come down to ensuring that you are eating right, getting enough rest and fitting in some regular exercise. Do those three things and the rest won’t seem so overwhelming.
  • Stay organized. There can be a lot to pack in those last few weeks. Keeping yourself on top of all to-do dates, whether for class or ordering your cap and gown or a final hang out with a close friend, can take some doing, but it will be worth it.
  • Be realistic. Finding a job after graduation is probably going to be a challenge, so talk to your career services department and ask them to be honest. There may still be time for you to beef up your resume with an internship or other experience. And it is never too soon to start your search.

Final survival tips

Last but not least, dealing with senioritis takes a certain level of honesty. There are a lot of heavy things coming your way—finding a job, paying back any student debt, separating from your friends. It is a pretty intense thing leaving college, so allow yourself to be a little freaked out, or even more, over the passing of an era.

Laura McMullen of U.S. News & World Report offered, “5 Tips to Battle College Senioritis,” with some suggestions on how to stay motivated during that last semester. If you find yourself losing interest in class, try to opt for projects or assignments that you can get engaged in and enjoy. Also, the more you plan in advance for the transition from school to work that lies ahead, the less anxiety you may feel during the actual transition.

Have you given into senioritis or are you fighting to stay involved during your last semester? Let us know in the comments.

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