Organization Tips and Ideas To Help You Stay Organized

With a new semester getting into high gear, college students are going to need all the help they can get to stay organized and meet all of their deadlines. Can you find all of your important supplies when you need them?

How about locating that reading assignment or the research that you spent hours compiling? It’s time to look at some dorm room ideas and organization tips to get organized before it’s too late.

Organization tips

Being organized involves more than just tidying up your dorm room. Mark Sisson offered a lot of insight on “How to Get Organized and Stay Focused in a Modern World,” in his April 5, 2016, post for his blog,

Instead of spending a lot of time discussing typical organization ideas, Sisson focused more on attitudes and habits that can fuel either success or failure.

“Go down the line of easy jobs and do them as quickly as you can. Go down the list of big jobs and take the first step to actually start. Never have more than two (one from each list) going at once,” Sisson said.

One suggestion that came up more than once was the idea of putting your phone away when you’re doing a task. Or even when you’re just waiting in line, say for coffee. Sisson believes that sometimes you have to let the mind wander so that it can recharge. I have to say that I agree with his ideas because the phone is always pulling your attention away from what you’re doing.

Tips for planning your time

Here’s a quick run-down on tips and ideas to help you get things done and meet your deadlines.

  • Use a planner, keep it with you, plan the whole week at the beginning of the week.
  • Add reminders for due dates a week before it’s due, three days before it’s due and day before it’s due.
  • Use different colors to signal the different due dates and reminder dates.
  • Use an app to help you to limit time spent on certain web sites and social media.
  • Use a white board to leave messages and reminders to yourself.

Dorm room ideas

I’m one of those picky people who believe that everything has its place. It’s an idea that works well for me but it does take constant commitment.

Here are a few ideas that are easy to do and pay off big in saving time and stress.

  • Label your power cords, chargers, etc.: use colored washi tape, file folder labels, or tags to help you match up cords to devices when you’re on the go.
  • Find a space in the dorm room to use as a calendar and message area. It helps you keep track of your roommates and to pass messages back and forth.
  • Use your “up space” and “down space” for storage. Put your bed on risers to increase under-the-bed space. Install a hutch on top of your desk for more shelving. I like those cheap, unfinished wood crates you can get at the hobby store.
  • Hang things up. Command brand strips will help you hang all sorts of things from walls, ceiling and in the bath without causing damage.

What are your favorite organization tips? Tell us in the comments.

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