What to Know About Picking Your Major

If you have a major all picked out before you set foot on campus, great! For many, picking a major can be paralyzing. After all, this is a decision that can impact the rest of your life.

But deciding your future from the array of all the college majors can be made easier if you follow my simple how-to suggestions. Read on for the things you need to know about picking a major.

What factors should you consider?

Maybe you started college knowing what you wanted to do in life, so picking a major was easy. Perhaps you have a passion for numbers, leading you to know your future was in accounting or business. Or possibly your interests align more with helping people, so you are considering a career in social work or health care. I know lots of people who have firm ideas about what they want to do and an equal number that have no clue. Whichever side you are on, I have some things you should consider before you lock the rest of your life down.

When it comes to college majors, start by considering these four things:

  • Overall program cost
  • Your salary expectations
  • The employment rates for employees in that field
  • Any advanced degree opportunities

Trends in college majors

Like anything in life there are trends that come and go when it comes to picking a major. I’m not suggesting you determine the rest of your life based on a trend, but an awareness of new things on the horizon isn’t a bad thing either. After all, today’s trend could be tomorrow’s programming career.

NPR examined the popularity of different college majors over four decades and found that the popularity of business majors has grown during the time period, with one in five students earning degrees in accounting, marketing, operations and real estate, and related areas of study. Health care degrees are also on the increase, while majors in education are declining. How to know what degree will be in demand next? Things you need to know and consider are what needs are on the horizon. For instance as the population ages, there will be more senior citizens with health care needs, or what impact could the so-called “gig” economy continue to have?

More things you need to know

Worried that you are alone in your indecision about college majors? Some estimates find that up to half of those starting college do not have a major. Want some insight into which majors have the most earning power or how to handle changing your major? Bestcolleges.com offered an in-depth guide to these topics and more if you are truly stuck or simply want to explore all your options.

Are you struggling with picking a major? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Claire says:

    quite an interesting pointed you stated about choosing a major based on trends. and i personally totally second you but still there is one more thing that should be taken into account – and it is your own capabilities. of course i have nothing against dreams and stuff but when you suck at math but want to become a programmer, you are a hopeless dreamer. of course one can persevere and make it. yes will power matters. but will this will power cover for your lack of skills? do not think so. so i’d say know your limitations, know what you are capable of and know whether or not you have what it take to acquire the needed skills and make it happen. since if you fail at this, you will not only waste your parents savings, spend at least 4 years in vain looking for someone else like expert tutors or professional writers to do the job for you while you are rotting away partying and enjoying the social life. in the end you may destroy your own future. still there are no unrecoverable mistakes. only death is. so if you failed at first and wasted money and time, do not do it again. think careful about your capabilities, about what you want to make out of yourself and do it. happy major hunting. best


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