Best Shows/Movies to Watch on Netflix During Spring Break

It’s almost springtime, which means temperatures are rising, the flowers are starting to bloom, and pollen is under attack. Right now, many people who have issues with allergies are currently struggling to get through the day (trust me, I know)! So, if you are like me with allergies then you most likely want to stay in bed most of the day. Also, your spring break is most likely right around the corner as well. Most people may have plans and vacations, but if you’re like me then you’ll most likely be sitting at home while your siblings are still in school and your parents have to go to work. These scenarios tend to bring boredom into the picture as well…

Get your Netflix on this spring break! (Credit: Extreme Tech)

Get your Netflix on this spring break! (Credit: Extreme Tech)

but never fear Netflix is here to save the day!!!

I know what you’re thinking, “Victoria, it takes me way too long to search through all of the movies and shows on Netflix!” Which is why I’m here. I am going to share with you a few shows and movies that I have really enjoyed on Netflix because we have all been through the dilemma of searching for something to watch for hours then eventually just giving up.

1. The Flash and Arrow

These two shows are for the people who love superhero shows! I have fallen completely in love with these two shows and they are binge worthy, for sure!

2. Orange is the New Black

Most of you have probably already watched this one, but I recommend re-watching it before the new season comes out this summer!!

3. 13 Reasons Why

This show has not aired on Netflix quite yet, but it is something to stay on the lookout for! This show is a 13-episode long series about a girl’s suicide. It is based on the novel 13 Reasons Why. I would also suggest that you read the book prior to the release of this series.

4. Finding Dory

Do I even need to explain why you should watch this?

5. The Giver

This is a dystopian style movie, very similar to the Hunger Games and Divergent. Although, I may argue that it is better than those two movies!

6. Hush

For those of you who really enjoy scary movies, this one is for you! This is a scary movie about a girl who is deaf. So, if that doesn’t give you any ideas, just know that there is a lot of eerie silence throughout this film!

7. Audrie and Daisy

This documentary is a detailed story of what a young woman went through after being raped. I really enjoyed everything about this film. It truly portrays what it’s like to be a victim of sexual assault and I recommend it to everyone, one hundred percent!

8. Making a Murderer

After the release of this documentary, I was intrigued to watch it! This film is about a man who is accused of murdering a woman. Throughout the entire film, you will be trying to decide if he is innocent or not. Be careful with this one though, it may sway your faith in our legal system!

9. Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About his Father

I won’t lie to you, you WILL need tissues for this one. This whole film is an emotional roller coaster and it makes it even worse that you know it is a documentary of a true story!

10. Annie and Grease

Okay, you can’t forget about these classic musicals!

Hopefully now, you will be busy binge watching Netflix your whole spring break! Good luck to those of you struggling with allergies this time of year, we’re in this together.

Tell us what shows and/or movies you like to binge on Netflix!


Victoria Costner is a first year student at East Carolina University where she is working towards getting a degree in social work. After she gets her bachelors degree in social work she will do the advanced master degree program and get her masters in social work in just one year. After college Victoria plans to go on and be a school social worker. Victoria is also passionate about helping others and trying to make a difference in the lives of those around her. Outside of class Victoria enjoys participating in hall government and spending time with her friends and family. She became a Student Ambassador so she could get the chance to help her peers succeed in their classes. Victoria is excited to be apart of the Cengage family and can’t wait to put her skills to use.

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