Tech News For College Students: Are AirPods Worth It?

Because you need one more thing to keep track of, right? That might not have been the motivation behind the latest innovation from the Apple shop, but it is easy to see why you may feel differently. These new wireless earbuds may seem super cool, but they have resulted in a lot of lost earbuds, which led to the new Apple app—Find My AirPods.

What do you think of the new AirPods? (Credit: TopApps4U)

What do you think of the new AirPods? (Credit: TopApps4U)

I don’t know if this trend is worth all the fuss, but time will tell.

The download on AirPods

So in case you have been buried in your textbooks and missed out on all the hullabaloo over the latest from the Apple shop creators, the AirPods are wireless, cord-free Bluetooth earbuds. According to, the latest Apple gadget offers:

  • 5 hours battery life
  • Includes a charging case with an extra 24 hours of battery life for when you are on-the-go
  • Costs $159
  • Was released on December 13, 2016
  • Each pod costs $69 to replace

Sounds pretty cool since no wire means no tangling, nothing to get caught up in when you are working out or while doing any other activity. One tiny glitch that seems to have become a problem, however, is humans’ vast ability to misplace things, especially tiny things. Most of us struggle with this problem—myself included.

Not the first cordless earphones

While the Apple shop and its newest toy may be garnering the most attention, they aren’t the first to offer wireless or cordless earphones. The Apple-owned Beats debuted a set in 2016, as did Bose and Jaybird. Prior to the release of the AirPods, Fortune reported the following: “Beats brand topped online sales of wireless models with a 24% market share, trailed by Bose with an 11% share and Jaybird at 8%.”

The release of the AirPods saw Apple rise to the top, grabbing 26 percent of the wireless earbud sales, while Bose came in at 16% and Beats fell to 15%. Of course with Apple saying it is going to lose the headphone jack from its upcoming phones, the market for these types of earbuds will only increase—as will the need for creative ways to keep track of them.

Will Find my AirPods help?

Which brings us back to the problem plaguing early AirPod adopters among college students and the general public—keeping track of the little things. A non-Apple shop developer created an app to find lost earbuds, but that was quickly pulled by Apple. Created by Deucks Pty and called “Finder for Airpods,” it used Bluetooth to track the AirPods and showed a line indicating when you were getting closer or farther away to the lost earbuds.

Then the announcement came that the upcoming iOS 10.3 beta for developers would contain a new Apple app—Find my AirPods—to address consumers concerns. It works by using a Bluetooth wireless signal emitted by the AirPods, and locates them on a map on your iPhone or iPad. Or you can set it up so that your AirPods emit a special sound that gradually increases in volume. (Apple stressed to make sure one AirPod wasn’t still in your ear if you used this feature.) The Bluetooth signal works only when the AirPods are within range, about 16 to 32 feet, from your Apple device with the new Apple app.

Are the new AirPods a cool idea or just likely to result in a lot of lost earbuds? Let us know in the comments.

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