Your Ultimate List for Student Discounts

Although the “freshman fifteen” may be a myth, there is a general consensus that your college years are the nicest to your wallet.

However, most students don’t know there are hundreds of places that give student discounts with a valid college ID–and here they are:

School Supplies

Amazon – You can get six months of Prime free- that’s free two day shipping along with other cool Prime-only discounts.

Fedex – Super helpful during project season, score 30% off documents and 20% off shipping.

Clothing and Retail

Alex and Ani – 10% off your purchase in stores.

ASOS – 10% off online as well as free shipping through

J.Crew – 15% off in stores.

TopShop – 10% off online orders.

Toms – 10% off your shoes, as well as a donated pair to someone in need!

Kate Spade – 15% off in store purchases.

Steve Madden – 10% off in store purchases.


Apple – They tend to work with students, offering up to $200 off a MacBook or $20 off an iPad.

Microsoft – 10% off in stores. Also, most colleges allow students to download Microsoft Office through their student e-mail.

Sony – 10% off purchases.

Spotify – Half off their monthly membership for Premium; so $4.99 instead of $9.99 a month.

Logitech – 30% online purchases.


Arby’s – 10% off.

Buffalo Wild Wings – My personal favorite, 10% off your order of wings.

Burger King – 10% off your burger and fries.

Chick Fil A – Free small drink with purchase.

Chipotle – Free small drink, some locations give 15% off your order.

Dairy Queen – 10% off your ice cream.

McDonald’s – 10% off meal order.

Subway – 10% off your sub, at participating locations.

Firehouse Subs – 10% off at participating locations.

Kroger Grocery – 5% off your purchase.


State Farm – Check this out, get good grades, save up to 25% with their Good Student Discount.

AMC Theatres – Enjoy discounted tickets every Thursday, and night showtimes at the price of matinee showtimes.

Cinemark – Offers discounts varied by location.

Regal Cinemas –  Also offers student discounts at varied participating locations.

Greyhound – Show ID and receive 20% off your fare.

The list could probably go on forever depending on each college town, but along with these locations it never hurts to call locally and see if they offer discounts with a student ID. You’d be surprised by the discounts a variety of stores offer! Another great option for discounts is right on your smartphone. With apps like PocketPoints, you can acquire points by studying on campus, then use those points for discounted or free items ranging from clothing to food. Either way, most places take note of a college student’s budget and offer many discounts on goods or services, you just have to ask!

Know of any other student discounts not mentioned above? Share them in the comments!


Rebecca Caro is a first year student at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. She is currently studying in the field of actuarial science and is part of FSU’s Honor Program, as well as a variety of clubs including the Women in Science, Math, and Engineering club. Although she takes academics very seriously, she spends her free time in a dance studio, at the gym, and at the local library. She takes her physical and mental health seriously as well, and loves to take care of her body and mind. She has worked with children in the past for three years, and has enjoyed doing so. She also loves to help others and better herself – she is excited to achieve this in the future with Cengage.

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  1. debbie arthur says:

    This is great! I have been attending Edison for over two years and it really would have been nice to know before. But at any rate, thanks!


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